You might not like it but this is the most optimum layout for programming

@xssfox disagree. I think you should rotate it another 90° so the length is vertical rather than horizontal. Otherwise, 👍🏻!

@xssfox ... Wait do you have one single line of code in that file. If so, I approve and rescind my previous comment.

@mattcen just demoing the power of wide angled monitors :P no more 80 col limit

@xssfox 80 characters spot be enough for anyone! 🙃
How many characters wide *is* that!?

@aurynn not sure, I suspect its due to the lack of sleep I got last nightt

@xssfox @aurynn @PetraOleum weh, i messed around with this and broke everything D:

i managed to fix it, with the entirety of the screen offscreen o.o

@xssfox @aurynn @PetraOleum and just after i fixed it, my computer ran out of memory *and* swap (for unrelated reasons) and crashed D:

@xssfox @aurynn @PetraOleum I'm guessing you'll swap that password sticky note out for a different one?

@xssfox oh and my apologies, I should first have complimented your glorious work & mentioned that I am deeply impressed how far out of the box you got @aurynn @PetraOleum I am in awe

@xssfox @Firesphere @aurynn @PetraOleum It is compliant with some of the advice for written passwords - there's no indication of the username or service it applies to.
On the other hand, the other critical bit was "keep it in your wallet with your cards" ...


@xssfox @aurynn @PetraOleum

We also need a config recommendation for those whose monitors are visible from high-foot-traffic areas. What x is just enough to discombobulate casual observers?

@stuartyeates @xssfox @aurynn oh God, even just a few pixels in the regular directions is enough for me

@xssfox is that a password on that post-it note or the rare elusive decoy password?

@ben its a password. not sure if its the password you need though

@thatonecalculator @xssfox I think that xrandr can rotate the displays by degrees other than 90, 180 and 270, it is just unavailable in GUIs

@xssfox Donc le mot de passe est aHVudGVyMgo et c'est une belle photo de famille :)

@xssfox finally a monitor setup for my Java class names

@xssfox my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

@xssfox …interesting - what is your default rotation speed? I heard the 144Hz model makes too much wind when maxed out. :awesome:

(compliment to the camera that took this shot - you almost can't notice motion blur!)

@xssfox Now you need Triangle Studio Code with a staircase plugin, NorthHat Navigator, and TetraTerm.

@xssfox aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

@xssfox This is awesome! But is there a way to rotate/transform a wayland/sway output to a non 90deg value? #askingforafriend :boost_ok:

Okay, first of all that's APPALLING.
Secondly, I'm impressed it can even be done. HOW?!

@xssfox ok I am unironically falling in love with this :3

@xssfox finally it's possible to see the full name of that java method

@xssfox If we continuously rotate the monitor, we should be able to take advantage of the persistence of vision effect to display the whole circle.

Comes with bonus temporal antialiasing at no added cost!

@keturn @xssfox The engineering required to rotate the display at 24rpm, and safely connect the cables, are left as an exercise for the reader

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