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Hi, I'm Aurynn. I run, an instance entirely hosted in Aotearoa New Zealand, on the Catalyst Cloud OpenStack cloud!

Cloud Island is a general-purpose instance, with a lot of really cool folks doing really cool things.

I toot mostly about cloud technology as I work on the Cloud Island infrastructure, general life, and sometimes .

I also do sometimes!

I am transgender. Trans rights are human rights.


Always good to see what bits are like "no don't do that" for performance

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though if you were into that sort of thing you totally could just ... run Mastodon like you would an old-timey UUCP or FidoNet board, and only receive/publish messages at certain time.

I wonder if people are still running Fidonet nodes.

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it's always weird watching the logs and going "wow all these servers have just vanished haven't they"

me: I would like to finish some tasks on my TODO list

my ADHD: Absolutely not

hmm looks like push notifications are broken due to an expired SSL cert upstream from us. 😞

Prepping for upgrades. Probably be going down in 30 minutes or so.

Seriously how is this still going after two years

Thank you all for making it work

it's been Two Actual Years since Cloud Island launched.

Can you believe that?


- Update Cloud Island to latest Mastodon
- Try to have a meeting that I'm supposed to have
- Flailing and panicking

Good morning Cloud Island! I'm not sick anymore! Yay!


Congratulations to Australia on electing some adults for a change

bitching about macOS 

It's *so* slow. On the top-of-the-line Intel MBP they sell.

It's been *so* slow since the day I got it.


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Cloud Island

A paid, early access, strongly moderated Mastodon instance hosted entirely in Aotearoa New Zealand.