covid19 meta 

gosh, phone, you do not need to shriek at me like that

covid19 in NZ, PSA 

Hey all

If you were at on Monday and Tuesday, we need you to read this:

Stay safe out there.

Remember, if you’re craving social contact

you can always shout at passers-by from your balcony

covid19 in NZ 

Going into Level 2 until Sunday, here in Wellington.

Stay safe out there, friends. We can get through this.

Eldest kid has heard, quite independently from a peer at school, about the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

It seems that idea really did
have legs

Stay safe, frens. Looks like we’re going to have a rough few weeks in Wellington.

Why is it always pear programming

What about other kinds of fruit programming

ongoing, still need to write that payment integration account management software *thing* for Mastodon so that I’m not relying on Patreon for everything

Me: is the fedi timeline just quiet

Me, catastrophising: … or has Cloud Island been defederated …

I’ve never thought “you know what this needs? more brands."

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