Thank you all for being here on Cloud Island. You’re lovely and wonderful.

okay so writing a high level overview of the structure of Cloud Island, and, drawing a very simple network diagram as a result.

Is this ... even interesting?

One of the best parts of Cloud Island is all of you finding interesting people to follow, those people showing up in the federated timeline, and then I get to follow them too

why is there always so much to do and why is there never enough time to do it

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also on my TODO list:
- Sorting out my Terraform training material for v0.12, and, shopping it around

Gotta get down on Friday, everybody's rushin' for the weekend

oh I think I need to set up terminal colours for when I'm on the Cloud Island root shell, to make it visible that I'm about to Cause Some Havoc

blinking blearily into the console is praxis

- Working on writing the "how is this deployed even" article
- Working on "how I plan infra" article
- Yawning. Lots of yawning.

Good morning ... er ... afternoon, Cloud Island!

I didn't get to sleep until after 4am and today I am a *bit* of a mess

Running a Mastodon instance has really made me focus my attention on my presence *here*, on my community *here*, on what community looks like and ought to look like *here*


aside from some things that are bleeding over from Twitter

I'm really enjoying that things are so different

currently thinking that the infra should be:
- 1 web server
- 2 API servers
- >=2 Sidekiq runners

Don't know if you caught it yesterday, but I disabled the relay as it was causing performance issues with Cloud Island.

I'm investigating what I can do to alleviate that before I turn it back on.

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