the last couple of months have been a lot of internal work on my mental health, improving my outlook on life, and getting the medication load to something that resembles "stable"

good morning Cloud Island! Happy Monday! And happy March?

that feeling when you just are desperately in need of a bigger desk

I'm looking at my todo list and looking at my bed and going "bed seems like a much better response"

Today has included laughing so hard I cried at my own nonsense grammar

me, trying to work: hi, I'm your shoulders, and I am going to *hurt like fuck*, you're welcome

Today I am:
- Engaged in decision paralysis about new chairs

I guess "taught" is the wrong word for what we've done to sand

just think

you're a walking subjective experience that a bunch of chemistry is creating self-awareness and reason

and using a network of poisoned sand that was taught to do math

to talk to other mobile chemistry

Today's gender is the sound of a hissed warning.

Still wishing that Project Linda had turned out to be a thing

but maybe I didn't

this is what living with ADHD is like. Maybe I have the thing? Maybe I don't? Who knows!?

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I thought I had a laptop stand, but I also think I threw it away

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