69% of New Zealand is fully vaccinated.


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Hello from underneath my desk

Extremely timely in light of the immediate defence reaction on the fediverse of the new fascism social networks:


Science shows deplatforming works

Keep deplatforming

Gonna take some time off after current work project and try my hand at video game essays

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Wait this won’t work

Everything I’ve learned about AWS comes from reading Terraform and boto3 documentation

Admin note:
- Defederated truthsocial / tmediatech


Trump's new social network is preparing to launch... look familiar?


I advise you get on blocking the below domains.

You knew it was going to happen.

Boost it far and wide!




so far it's not ... failing ? too much? But it is failing a bit.

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Today I will be: trying to make this old codebase work

Wish me luck

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