health, mental health, etc 

the best part about massive fatigue is
a) I’m hungry
b) there’s not really any easy food in the house
c) decision paralysis about what to order

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health, mental health, etc 

Wondering if I had actually gotten covid post-vaccine and this is long covid

probably not

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health, mental health, etc 

been having A LOT of fatigue/brain fog lately and while I’m doing a lot of good work with my therapist to manage how I feel about it


does it suck to want to do things and have to spend the afternoon in bed

or want to do stuff and know I’ll need many naps to be able to

my telco-provided router is real bad

but replacing it is a LOT of recreational network admin

oh it’s because it was configured to be able to connect to my previously-bricked router and not to, you know, talk to DHCP

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anyway in better news, I have resolved my chicken-and-egg bug *before* I was struck down by fatigue

except it’s not booting properly right now for … reasons

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this just says “use the Linux NUC for Docker stuff” louder and louder

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Docker-for-Mac: What if we chew up 400% CPU just to upload an image?
Me: What? No? Why are you doing this?

or if I should give up and just play videogames before it gets to me

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now to see if I can solve this chicken-and-egg problem before the brain fog gets me

realising that maybe I did this wrong

as a service

today’s adventures in “where is my package”

why is it recreating this service, this is bizarre

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