Really need to sit down and turn my “this is a conference talk” about why all tools are inherently biased, into an essay or something

Using Twitter is always a good reminder that I should be here more, where I can ban people who extol blockchainery

Good morning Cloud Islanders!

Good morning Fedi Friends!

Selfie, eye contact 

Girl, cute: 100% confidence

Good morning Cloud Islanders!

Good morning fedi friends!

Me: My mood is trash
Me: I guess I should try to do something useful
Me: Why not set up mail rules so that all these really irritating mailing lists that I just insta-delete get forwarded to my newsreader, where I’ll actually read them
Me: sounds like a great idea

One day you’re going to be dug up by an archaeologist and they’re going to be “holy wow people wore that?”

At some point I’m going to make an email-to-rss-feed system so I can sign up for newsletters and have them end up somewhere I’ll read them

ugh, frustration at how slow my (rather high-end) work computer is

gosh I am super slack about updating the Cloud Island patreon page

Monthly thanks to Metabolist’s backers on OpenCollective @noellabo and @aurynn. Expect a big update in the next week or two.

Good morning Cloud Islanders!

Good morning fedi friends!

Oh hey, the CFP is open!

My extremely online conference is back in 2021, and I wanna learn from you!

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