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Hi, I'm Aurynn. I run, an instance entirely hosted in Aotearoa New Zealand, on the Catalyst Cloud OpenStack cloud!

Cloud Island is a general-purpose instance, with a lot of really cool folks doing really cool things.

I toot mostly about cloud technology as I work on the Cloud Island infrastructure, general life, and sometimes .

I also do sometimes!

I am transgender. Trans rights are human rights.


oof, the dark overcast just rolled right in didn't it

Looks like I need to:
- Level the bed
- Clear the nozzle properly?
- Figure out the right settings for everything

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Woo, I have successfully spoken to my 3d printer!

I was just described by @jenofdoom as “incredibly tolerable”

Surprisingly I’m not-very-fatigued this morning, which is bloody nice.

This’ll be at if you’re interested in tuning in and hanging out!

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Step 1: Writing
Step 2: Getting really annoyed at
Step 3: Needing to make a new output template for Ulysses that I don't hate
Step 4: Ugh why is Ulysses so limited
Step 5: Switching back to Scrivener

It’ll be another afternoon of Chill Vibes and Paint Time, starting at about 1:30pm NZ 🕜

It's weird how writing on paper with pens is the best way for me to think

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