every time I talk about getting a new laptop on birdsite people are jerks in my mentions and I find this very frustrating

getting back from lunch to a kernel panic

the story of anxiety

Watching my GPU desperately trying to paint a webpage and only displaying a pile of corruption

coffee, food 

Having an accurate scale: hecking good

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coffee, food 

Today's coffee recipe:

- Slightly coarser grounds
- 18g of coffee
- 100g of water
- Stir to break up clumps
- 90s steep
- 30s press

Gave me 80g of liquid.

- 140g water to finish

Extremely happy with this cup. Not bitter or sour, good texture, definitely tasting the coffee.

new Mastodon instance but it's just being sad about computers

New business card idea, from a Darkest Dungeon quote:

"In time you will know the tragic extent of my failings"


Today in nzpol is Hilarity Intensified

Have we got an bot?

We have an bot! Thanks to @PetraOleum for getting @eqnz going!

I've turned the logging level on Rails way down. Tried to change the logging drivers as well, but, doesn't seem to have worked as expected

Restarting the web tier; hold on to your butts

From Twitter:

"The point isn't that Hobbes is real to Calvin; it's that Calvin is real to Hobbes, in a way that he isn't to his teachers, his classmates, or his parents."

Friends I am *reeling*

Special parts of Cloud Island: watching @PetraOleum write a GeoNet bot for us 😄

I really, really need to move Sidekiq to its own dedicated ASG pool and give the main web node more resources

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