I do like it here. And you all. This is great.

Such a central place would probably invite a hecking lot of attack though

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I really do wish there was a central place to co-ordinate instance-level block lists, including reasons why

Honestly it probably makes more sense to run 1x worker on a node, instead of 2x, just to make horizontal scaling make more sense

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each running a single sidekiq worker, instead of 2

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and 100%'ing kswapd, which is ... obviously not ideal.

So now sidekiq lives on a 2GB node all its own, though I may swap it to 2x 1GB nodes

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Okay so it looks like Sidekiq's node didn't have enough memory, and it was swapping out _hard_

Well something else got wedged today

Dear cloud island, be less flaky plz

My UI goal is basically “Tweetbot but Mastodon”

I’ll probably end up charging money for it.

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Okay gonna do some billable time today and then some iOS dev as a treat. I wanna get my Mastodon client to at least a UI prototype by the end of the week

or something about Focal is talking up a lot more memory


idk something

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Sidekiq really doesn't seem to like being on its own node

Me, being all passive-aggressive at @tveastman: well I guess it’s tonight

Thank you all for being here.

You’re the best.

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