Further update: It turns out that today is Tuesday.

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Morning coding playlist: 7 Year Bitch

So apparently I sprained my shoulder working out. Treatment is mostly physio, a.k.a, working out. Um, ok.

Oh wow, this pain in my shoulder is really rather impressive.

Morning coding playlist: How to Destroy Angels

But on a positive note, today's post-workout pain level is just about right, or possibly even too low.

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This new fitness plan is going to require some adaptation.

Morning coding playlist: The Clash
It's a good morning.

Morning coding (planning, really) playlist: Warren Zevon.

FYI, Runaway has a senior game dev opening. It's a genuinely good place to work. Message me if you want more info.

Morning coding playlist: Killing Joke

I'm feeling hungry and shaky, and I could just power through it or I could pop into the café that's literally 30 steps from my desk.

Morning coding/troubleshooting playlist: Body Type

My kettle seems to have broken, so I've resorted to trading my blood for coffee.

Thanks to the Internet, I've reconnected with someone special from my past. 😀

There's a global pandemic, so I can't travel to meet her in person. 😥

I'm going to give into my inner gen-X self and listen to the recording of Pearl Jam's MTV show. Deal with it.

My daughter is causing me to watch more anime. I'm cool with that.

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