I'm moving house next week and I'm pretty stoked about it.

Update: I did not buy a bike. I went to the shop and found a bike I think I want, but I'll wait.

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I am not going to buy a bike today. I want to, but I'll wait because I have self-discipline.

Any UK based Python nerds around? I'm planning a trip and would like to connect with people there.

I was just messing with Google Cloud's Kubernetes and found it to be pretty non-awful.

I can think of no better way to test this code other than running it in production.

I saw a video of me speaking and I wonder if my accent should even be legal.

I think I just impulse-bought a house.

One nice thing about being home sick is that I'm spending some quality time with my cat.

This weekend I broke from my previous pattern and actually removed some of the holes from the hull of my boat.

I wonder if I can sneak out at lunchtime to work on my boat.

Today I will try to describe our server infrastructure to programmers.

They say it's always DNS, but in my experience it's usually people.

TFW you wonder why your build pipeline is so slow and then you notice that you forgot to push.

I got my residency visa 11 years ago today.

Why isn't my k8s cluster autoscaler working? Did you cause this?

Today seems like a good day to buy an impact driver.

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