This meeting could have been an email, but I'm getting knitting done.


Glassons have some nice stripey tops at the moment.

I hate printers. Sure the problem is mostly the third party ink cartridge is slightly the wrong size and that’s really my fault for wanting to spend $10 on ink rather than $80. But still.

Today I found, which synchronises external monitor brightness to a MacBook’s internal monitor brightness.


I have really dark facial hair and really light skin. I haven’t found a way to hide it yet. Guess I’ll just have to find a place to have it removed.

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Facial hair is the worst.

Would people actually be interested in some sort of building an accounting platform code-along?

It'd probably be more accounting theory than programming, but it does show off relational databases quite well.

I really wish I had the money to turn my ideas in to reality. Alas I don’t think I can fund them through patreon, due to being too boring.

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Cis friends living in NZ - this is a good survey for you to fill in. Not very long. There are a lot of transphobes doing their thing, and many trans people in NZ are exhausted and burned by previous Stats behaviour.

This is a great time for you to jump in. It's not very long.

On the plus side they have dedicated support people to help you go things like shop, or just talk.

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8 week waitlist to see a gender affirming healthcare specialist.

Apparently I ordered a dress from AliExpress when on zopiclone. Fortunately it’s the right size, so I guess I wasn’t that out of it.

Good morning cloud island. How is our Tuesday going?

Voice coaching isn’t currently funded in Auckland because they had to reallocate the budget. Sigh.

New nail colour pre-therapist appointment this afternoon. Can’t do much more due to a midday client meeting.

I just need to remind myself that all feelings are valid and just because I enjoy one thing doesn’t mean I have to exclude another.

Trying to focus while being far too nervous.

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