Good morning cloud island! It's very wet in Auckland today.


Now I’m not taking cyproterone I realise how depressed it made me. Hopefully I’ll switch medication next week.

Good morning cloud island! I’m less tired than yesterday!

I know language has moved on but I’ll never stop giggling at “cyber”.

The front fell off the kitchen drawer. Unfortunately that is typical.

I hate program design decisions. Today I’m trying to figure out how to handle mobx stores.

Accidentally did an outside. There were _people_, but shopping was achieved.


Huh, even 12.5mg cyproterone every other day is far too much. Then again, I can accomplish the same thing with liquorice. Messing with hormones is _fun_.

Good morning cloud island! It’s laser day!


5 sessions of laser, one month of hormones. It’s like looking at an entirely different person.

More lasers though.

Meh to security updates, the best feature of iOS 14.2 is 🏳️‍⚧️

Hm, go down to half the dose of hormones. Not really what I wanted to do but the effects have been stronger than I anticipated

Happy Wednesday! I’m glad I have a nice quiet cloud island today.

First two weeks of hormones felt really good. Third week decided to have feels. Let’s see what week four brings.

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