It’s finally Friday! Though someone has woken up the planet and I think it’s having a Monday.

Happy Thursday cloud island! Today I’m wearing constellations!

I’m not looking forward to the power bill from running the air conditioner all day for the next week. Also amused by having to run a humidifier in Auckland.

The worst part of hair lasering is the next few days when it looks like you have more hair.

Not looking forward to electrolysis on the greys either.

“Laser removal involves using a pulse of light that eliminates the hair right at the follicle. Unfortunately, there will be some stinging associated with the procedure.”

_some stinging_

Security presentation went well. Now for face lasers. Not sure which is more painful.

Somehow I’ve gotten myself in to presenting our security plan to the head of IT. Eeeeeee

I have to deal with CloudFormation. I miss terraform.

Today I’ve discovered that the whole JavaScript ecosystem is a dumpster fire for the 10,000th time.

Good afternoon cloud island! Only good thing about lockdown - pants are now optional. Downside is laser appointment was on Wednesday :/

I need motivation for weekend project, but I went to appsec yesterday and I’m all socialed out.

Well it’s almost three weeks of being confusingly femme at work and everybody just seems to ignore it. So that’s a win.

Really need to do voice training, but it’s hard and the payoff is so sloooooow

It’s my second week and now I have about six months of todos

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