Staying in Rotorua on the way home so break up the drive. Booked a private pool at the Polynesian Spa. Best idea.

Also hotels are always a bit strange when two women check in to a room with one bed.

Not as weird as it was last year when I hadn’t changed my name. I wasn’t very good at boy mode.

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This hotel room has decided that bathrooms are too old fashioned and instead there’s frosted glass around the toilet and shower. Except it’s not very well frosted and the doors don’t latch and they’re not full height.

Today I’m meeting my girlfriend’s mum. We’ve been together for two years so it’s probably overdue but eeeeeeeeeeeeee

It is Morning and I am Sleepy. And I have to drive to Rotorua today, but not until the afternoon.

I was also ignored by a cat. This may be because I picked her up earlier and she didn’t appreciate it.

I did a scary thing and now my ears hurt from wearing a mask for most of the past two days. Peopling is hard.

Polestar have released CarPlay everywhere except the US and UK… because the update has a bug were enabling CarPlay switched all units to metric 😄

Attending a hacker con wearing a bright red scarf and a dress with a parrot print. Nobody would suspect me at all.

Of course she didn’t recognise me because I’ve changed a bit.

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Turning around and being suddenly face to face with an ex from years ago. Just Wellington Things.

Con time! If anyone else is here I’m the girl with the bright green cardigan and a very long white and blue shawl

Need to get an SD card reader so I can pull the clips of the Honda Civic driving like an idiot and then me passing them because they got pulled over.

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Made it to Wellington! Hotel reception asked if we actually wanted a double bed 😂

trans problems + wellington 

Wait if I wear a beanie the Wellington wind isn't going to reveal my hair line.

Stupid hair not growing back fast enough.

Though I need to do some work on the place first. Bye bye $$

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Looking less likely that my apartment in Wellington will sell... back to being a landlord. Bleh.

Still, anyone want to rent a 100sqm apartment in the CBD? Has a carpark and fibre. Also comes with free cardio.

Today I need to pack. This is the first major trip since transitioning... Will I need a bigger suitcase?

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