Good morning cloud island! It’s really cold!

Today I’m wearing a dress to work for the first time and I’m mildly terrified.

I really want to start a software company that’s not run by shit people and makes products that also aren’t shit. But that requires money 😕

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Good evening cloud island! The rest of the world is awful, it’s nice here.

I use UniFi at home because I have a ridiculous number of network devices and my Fritz!Box would fall over.

But if there's a power outage it often falls over because it uses mongodb (snapchat for databases!) and it turns out in 2019 they started requiring an SD card for auto backups but never alerted me that backups were disabled.

Why is everything terrible?

Booking hair removal at a new place makes me nervous. Are they going to be assholes? It’s not like they won’t figure out why I’m having it done.

Somehow I’ve managed to switch my job from dev lead in to infrastructure lead. Unfortunately while we have developers we don’t have anyone who does infrastructure.

Eeeeee there’s a cute girl in the mirror eeeeeee

That is all

Anyone know someone who’s looking for work either as a dev team lead (people focused) or as intermediate/senior front-end dev? We’re expanding our team at the AA!

You’ll also get the opportunity to learn all about AWS and terraform if that takes your fancy.

Went shoe shopping in girl mode! Even found shoes that fit! Stupid giant feet.

I need motivation, but I hear there’s a global shortage

Hello pocket friends! It’s new pronoun time!

Happy Wednesday Cloud Island

Today I have a meeting with HR to discuss transitioning at work. Eeeeeeee.

Happy? Monday Cloud Island!

It’s a Monday at any rate.

It’s Saturday! Moving time!

I hate moving.

It’s me, the only devops person on the team, rebuilding the entire environment because when you don’t have devops people you get a clicky mess in AWS.

The worst part of laser hair removal is the post-laser shadow before it all falls out.

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