Is there a ‘how to start a startup for introverts’?

How is it Monday again tomorrow? I didn’t order this.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: why have one game mechanic when you can have all the game mechanics!

Svelte is pretty neat. If only I had the motivation for a side project, there's always something that makes it annoying.

mental health 

I hate balancing anxiety from work against anxiety and mental effort from job hunting. I really should look more in to how you pitch a startup, but that is even more effort.

Kingdom Hearts 2(.5 hd remake) has Stitch as a summon and I want to watch lilo & stitch because it’s adorable.

Vaccination on Wednesday! Girlfriend had hers today, they didn’t have any excess so I have to wait. Not long though!

There are four pairs of headphones on my desk…

Wednesday! Happy level 3 to all those who get it!

My girlfriend’s playing through all the kingdom hearts games. Some of the boss tactics are insane, she has far more patience than I do. Then again I wouldn’t play on ultra hard.

It sounds like a herd of elephants moved in upstairs over lockdown. I’m sure I’m not that heavy footed…

AWS are hiring solution architects… that sounds interesting…

If anxiety could be converted in to electricity I’m sure I could power half of Auckland right now.

Big advantage to lockdown is I get a week away from the toxic new hire to look for new jobs...

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