I should write to my MP about requiring apartment buildings to allow EV charge point installation. Also there should be some sort of scheme to install them because it’s not a small cost, but they’ll last for years.

It's laser day (again!). My face feels so much better after one treatment, time for round two!

I shouldn’t tweet political reckons on the bird site. It attracts men with *opinions*.

Good morning cloud island! For some reason my appointment today is in Mangere. It’s quite a drive from Auckland CBD


Really liking this haircut so far. Soon more long!

Afternoon cloud island! Also new profile pic time.

Why is every development ecosystem terrible?

If anyone has long-ish term work for a Java/.NET/Python contractor I know someone who'll be available later this year (not me though)

Wow, one laser treatment has made such a difference to my beard. Would have been worth it even if I was cis.

Good morning cloud island! It’s Saturday! 😴

Morning cloud island! It’s Friday! I can sleep tomorrow! Well, until I go and see if someone’s excess clothing is my size...

Though they revised the advice to shave 12 hours before to 3 hours. Stupid fast growing thick hair.

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Well that wasn’t so bad. Face doesn’t hurt more than from shaving now, though slightly more painful at the time 😂 Only nine more treatments to go...

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Beard removal booked for Friday. Yay. Also scared.

Good morning cloud island! Today I'm allowed outside, but it's scary out there.

Cannot think, so I'm just watching youtube voice lessons

Hormone level tests done. Now just have to wait until the next appointment, but that’s a month away.

Good morning cloud island! Why do "standups" happen so early?

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