peeling myself off the floor after lifting like “I’m doing this to choose the pain I’m in”

going in to lifting: have been going maybe 5% too hard let’s dial it back 5%
leaving lifting: might have dialed it up 1% ffs

Married Life and Her First Love Letter — can’t remember where I saw them before but knowing the pieces was a new feeling

Casey Johnston being mad as hell and saying “we will need everyone’s strength” is like “okay this is the fitness guru I should be following, confirmed”

allusionist might be coming to nz!!! very excited!!!

young folks outside Dali going “no ubers?? no cars??” and their transport algorithm has crashed

omg the actor for Luke is shilling coffee, tbh I kind of love it

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trying out the gilmore girls podcast and I really hope this is just the promo bullshit because it’s far too frenetic to enjoy. I just want west wing weekly vibes is that too hard??

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Anybody who is afraid of a "robot uprising" has no idea about how much maintenance work is required to keep "fully automated" systems working. Machines are dangerous not because they may one day decide they don't need humans and rebel, but because they focus a lot of human labor in a single button. They hide and focus the work of thousands of people, bringing it under control of a single person.

$4.90 for warehouse butter, inflation really is out of control

pet peeve in PR reviews, folks who are all: "yes, what you have noticed is an issue and it will lead to bad outcomes [marks conversation resolved]"

cow orker: how are you?
me: at shit, now I remember the answer to this, I’m fine! sorry I stopped to think about it
them: well okay then

body: danger
mind: no danger
body: d a n g e r

Gilmore Girls making a story point of Esquivel being off the beaten track, this isn’t how I found him though

When you start writing a function & try and name it & it autosuggests the very similar name you wrote & forgot about 11 months ago

ird sent me a letter (via their weird sending an email which points to a list which fires a popup which contains a pdf) to say overpaid by 1c and they’ll take it off my next bill

lifting means the gap between “I’m moving around in the world” and “I’m lifting so much I might hurt myself” has gotten wayyy wider, even in just a few weeks

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