US Shootings 

There's never going to be a line for them is there? It should have been passed back at Columbine. Their society is deeply, deeply sick.

TERF nonsense 

Oh lord, that "War on Men" story by the Listener is written by everyone's least favourite homegrown TERF, Ani.

Thanks Google for reminding me the last time I dated was 8 years ago.

"Does everything need to be a promise?" "Let me get back to you on that"

I'm doing stuff with 3rd party network APIs at the moment and it makes dealing with them so _clean_ and maintainable.

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C#'s async/await promises are a little clunky but make me so happy. Unity usually uses these weird coroutine things for asynchronous processing and they're even more clunky but there's some compatibility layers that make them mostly unneeded these days.

How the *bleep* is it almost 20 degrees in Wellington in late May?

I'm pretty much over the MCU but She-Hulk has been my favourite superhero since I first started reading comics.

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I really hope that someday soon, the execs at companies making multiplayer games realise their games would be much more viable if they didn't have to maintain a playerbase large enough to do instant matchmaking and went back to server browsers.

I miss the early TF2 days.

I've been trying to use two keyboards for months and only just remembered Synergy exists, like a chump.

No unit testing in game dev unfortunately. This all has to be tested on the platform D:

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Just about to finish a monster refactoring of some very bad platform specific code, and surprisingly the happy path is working fine. Always nice when that happens.

It's a wee bit nippy today. Feels very late in Autumn that the colder weather arrived.

They should make special keyboards for programmers that give a mild electric shock every time Ctrl + C are pressed together (this is why no one wants me in leadership)

Bloodborne would be perfect if it wasn't locked to 30fps. Please Fromsoft, I'm begging you, at least patch it on PS5. I'll pay you even.

"Please estimate how long all of these unknowns are going to take you to resolve"

How long is a piece of string?

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