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Morphology is about impacts of and from , and perspectives.

First issue (today or tomorrow depending on yr timezone) is about text-to-image as art and the babbling of large language models.

And yes, we will have lots of different colour schemes. This is just early iteration darkmode.

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The first draft said “Pepe Silvia pinboards” rather than “index cards and pinboards”. Maybe I’ll put that back at some stage.

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A bit more copywriting for the landing page. Not 100% certain this is the best way to explain things, but we need to start somewhere.

Reminds me of both how different Wellington and Auckland scenes were back then, but also how determined people were to collaborate across cities and provide a cultural alternative to rugby/racing/rock

Picked up The Dawnhounds at the UC bookshop. Looks amazing.

Syntax highlighting without a monospace font. What a concept.

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prototype grammar editor. Watching beginners to gamedev struggle to edit these grammars in JSON really challenged my thinking on UI feedback loops. With autocomplete helpers, it should be possible to eliminate a lot of the common syntax errors, as well as run previews at any level of the tree.

landing page first draft. The copywriting needs work and at some point we will need to tell an actual story about the product, but hopefully something extremely simple will be adequate for now.

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Really enjoyed Robin Sloan's "Spring '83" proposal:
I must say it is such a breath of fresh air to read an alt-web proposal that's not written from the tech "outward" - it puts writers and visual designers into a creative mode ("what are different shapes and sizes we could let people author in?"), rather than say Gemini which put programmers into a creative mode ("how few lines of code can i make a client or server in?"). I think that's valuable.

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This is pretty amazing imo - basically renegotiating an existing, binding contract just by arguing the world has changed so much. But it's cool! Nice one Four Tet.

Everything Everest does is 😻 but this is such a brilliant concept. Denouement and emotionally guiding people through the ending of stories is massively under-appreciated by many folks thinking about narrative and game design.

Such an epic sweeping scope for an independent feature. Incredible performances, costume design, attention to historical detail.

nzpols failure again 

The referendum was a complete failure. So disappointing when people still struggle so much to access treatment for chronic pain and cancer.

I have some interesting work available. Should hopefully be a quick fun job for an expert developer or a great portfolio piece for a junior or mid-level developer looking to build their skills and resume in this area.

Also this is 100% going to be darkmode by default, at least at first—is just the way I picture it in my mind.

Thanks to Klim Type Foundry for the beautiful utilitarian typeface.

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landing page structure coming together. I thought it would be fun to share before the call to action styling and colour themes go in. Things really do start this simple.

lol, as soon as I get to my office and set up ready to start working, a screaming concrete grinder/drill starts up nearby

porirua politics, flooding 

Sorry. I just get really angry at the way car supremacy has ruined and degraded our environment on so many levels.

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porirua politics, flooding 

When I say it didn’t need to be this way, I mean, how far back do you want to go?

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