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As I said: cursed. But also I really want to write a Linux kernel module using the new Rust stuff, so I might actually do that part.

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Bonus: modify the output of the PRNG before feeding it out, to never return a null byte. Let’s fuck with things that try to read strings assuming they have a \0 at the end.

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Second, the cursed way of testing this: a Linux kernel module - ReallyShittyRandom.

Basically just a Mersenne Twister implementation as a device node, but done in a way to specifically work for symlinking it in place of a file - track fseeks on the FD so that ftell reports an β€œaccurate” position, allow (but discard) writes.

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I just had a cursed idea, and then an even more cursed idea that would let me test the first cursed idea.

First: What would happen if you had a Windows VM, paused it, switched out its disk for pseudorandom data, and then unpaused it?

Hell yeah, successfully set up the Cisco 2960X that I bought months ago and never got around to setting up.

Now I have a lot of spare Ethernet ports to plug things into.

Probably going to start by writing a very basic interactive Forth interpreter to run as an app within the MailStation's existing OS. Get used to writing code for the Z80 again.

I'm very much looking forward to this.

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Tempted to get a couple Cidco MailStations, fuck around with them a bit, and write an OS from scratch for the platform. Because why not.

Assuming my computer doesn’t die… it’s time for another stream!

17:00 NZST (in ~15 minutes!) over at 😸

I live in a Visa Waiver Program country, and I will be doing an ESTA application later tonight.

Going to be calling someone tomorrow morning about selling the car I was going to fix up, because that'll get me at least $500 towards this.

If I can't get enough money through this, I'll start to sell my other possessions - VR headset, computers, game consoles, my camera - if it comes to that point, I will not hesitate to do it.

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This is officially a donation request.

I need to do Auckland to Columbus, and back (likely via LAX, because that's the easiest flight out of AKL).

I have just under half of the money I need for the AKL to LAX flight already (~$650/~$1400, one way) and I need to find a way to get the rest.

I have accommodation sorted. Any money I have spare after flights will go to food and travel expenses. (Ko-fi/PayPal preferred, DM for other methods)

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I need to get to America, and I need to be there as soon as it is humanly possible for me to do so. I literally don't care that it's the middle of a pandemic, I need to get there.

One of my friends died today, and I swear to God I'm going to do everything in my power to not lose another.

I have a passport. I have a place to stay. I have a way to feed myself.

All I need is the plane tickets. And I will do whatever it fucking takes to get them.

asking for money help, boosts ok 

So we have to pick up our meds tomorrow, which is going to cost about $50, on top of a few other bills.

We managed to pay most of the bills from our benefit money - there's about $40 outstanding now - plus we need to put a $20 top-up on our phone (since we're completely out of phone credit).

We get a late fee charged if we miss one of the payments tomorrow, too :(

If you're able to help: (or DM for NZ bank details)

Thank you πŸ’™

Guess who just got a prescription for estradiol and progesterone? That's right, it's this bitch

Oh. Shit.

I just realised I don't have enough money to pay for the GP appointment I have in a few hours, or enough money to pick up the medication afterwards.

Getting actually good at Beat Saber is weird? Like I'm getting SS ranks on Expert diffs WITH THE FASTER SONG MODIFIER ON? What the fuck

Wow, the Wise verification process is easy. Hopefully I'll have enough money to order the new debit card soon.

Hahah I need to somehow find NZ$300 by Monday otherwise I get debt collectors on my ass

Bumping this: not only do we need help with money for food, but there's very likely going to be a bus driver's strike in this city soon and so we're going to have to rely on rideshares/taxis to get around :(

Please help if you can - - and boosts are v much appreciated πŸ’™

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