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πŸ’™ Fuck I love Picrew. New avatar for me! Edited to add the necessary piercings :3c

[ picrew src: ]

Anyway now I get to fix the u-boot config on my Pi 4 while listening to Baby Shark, I guess!

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Made a coffee with chocolate milk instead of regular milk and now there’s a Blue in co-front, who wants me to put Baby Shark on repeat so she can dance around when I’m supposed to be doing work

One day I will have the ability to do livestreams again. Hopefully soon.

Wrote a lil blog post! The first, of hopefully many, update posts about my current project: πŸ¦€

Doing development work on a remote machine, using a Raspberry Pi 4 as a mostly-thin-client (mosh + Firefox), is actually working rather well for me

Holy hell, the Oracle Cloud Ampere boxes are _quick_ compared to my (frankly, terrible) laptop

Probably going to pick up a cheap CB radio, mostly because it'd mean I have some form of transmit capability I can use without a ham license

covid vax, side effects (~) 

Man, the Pfizer vaccine has really knocked us on our ass. Everything hurts and we're so bloody exhausted. Very glad I got jabbed though.

covid vax (+) 

Getting our first dose of the Pfizer vaccine tomorrow!

We can't decide if we want to shave all our hair off, or dye it bright blue. The dye would have to wait until after lockdown, but we have clippers upstairs…

We have written so much fucking Nix today and honestly maybe it's time to do something else

Realised that we didn't post to fedi the selfie we took of us in our new crop binder + a cute crop top. Have a selfie!

(image cw: ec, scars)

China Unicom (Americas) let me buy a fucking SIM card challenge 2021

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