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New PayPal account, and therefore new Ko-fi account - because getting PayPal to change the name on account is Literal Hell. if you wanna throw us some cash :)

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Hi hello! We now have a side-Mastodon-account where we're going to absolutely spam the TL with updates on the projects we're working on, go follow if you want~!

@u1f408 :)

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money req, food 

anyone wanna paypal me some money so i can buy food 🥺

i should like. get a minidisc recorder and make some mixtapes to play while driving

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just realized our car radio has a fucking MiniDisc player

current status: forking the `xmas-elf` crate, making it understand how to parse non-native endianness, and adding proper fucking error reporting

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today's project: writing a tool that takes an m68k ELF and converts it to a PalmOS .prc - starting with _just_ enough to get it to execute, then working in the ability to throw in extra resource segments etc.

eventual goal: being able to compile apps for PalmOS using LLVM's (relatively) new m68k support

Woke up this morning, unlocked our desktop, saw Visual Studio open, remembered we were gonna do a PR to PluralKit.

20 minutes later, PR submitted.

10 minutes after that, PR merged, to much fanfare in the support server.


ngl I really want to just go back to using a silly little flip phone. smartphones suck

Next thing to work on: writing a custom text editor widget & a Markdown renderer library for PalmOS.

And then writing a PalmOS app that lets me have a wiki-like thing editable on-device, and eventually a HotSync conduit that transforms the on-device copy (as a PDB) to/from flat Markdown files on disk

(pls boost) update re: $ begpost 

We got our welfare payment - but after paying rent & some of our overdue bills, we have NZ$20 (~US$12) left over to last until our next payment, which is not enough for food or any of our other essentials

Please help if you can, or maybe boost this?

NZ bank acct: 38-9023-0504536-00

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We should resume our OS development project, tbh

begpost, boosts ok 

We have about NZ$7 in our bank account right now, and we've got a number of overdue bills totaling about NZ$120 that we need to take care of asap. We'd really appreciate any help

NZ bank transfer: 38-9023-0504536-00

subtoot (+), written w/ assumption person involved will see 

vanta's voice IS cute, tavy was right

Hello from macOS configured by nix-darwin!

Gonna do a funky little DJMAX livestream in ~20min or so ( - I've got something to show y'all :3

(hint: Iris System VTuber arc, part 2)

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