can't get the Lytro Desktop installer to start in Wine, so i'm installing windows 8.1 in a VM to run it. annoying

the SSG uses jinja2 for templates, currently only supports mdoc(7) via `mandoc` as page/post content (markdown coming soon), and it's reasonably quick for this small site.

quite pleased with myself tbh

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this morning, i have:

- thrown together a static site generator in python
- updated my website to use said static site generator

religion, positive 

finally getting around to starting to read the Quran, which i intended to do months ago. i do intend to convert to Islam at some point, but it's going to be a while before i do

fundraising for wheelchair, boosts appreciated! 

so our wheelchair broke, and given it’s a proper rust bucket it’s going to be cheaper in the long run to get a new one ;-;

we'd appreciate any help we can get, getting a decent one isn't going to be cheap.

🐈 reminder that we have a discord server! general chats, cute cat pictures, and quite a lot of me rambling about operating system development. come hang out!

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