"The Cub & the Caterpillar" from Three Black Halfings is amazing, only 2 eps in but gosh!


lockdown, animal abuse 

I joked yesterday that "A guy punched a horse and now Sydney gets 6 more weeks of locked-down winter". [1]

Reports are that it'll be only 4 weeks.

[1] Groundhog Day reference. "... if a groundhog emerging from its burrow on this day sees its shadow due to clear weather, it will retreat to its den and winter will persist for six more weeks".

I'm on a twitch-streamed DevOps-themed Jackbox Games show in a few hours! Come along?


[FOSS/Work Toot]

As part of my work with Project OCEAN (a collaboration between Google and the University of Vermont Complex Systems Center), we're running a series of workshops to create and define a set of schema to define what contributions we value in open source communities.

Remember hatrack stuff I rant about occasionally? Now I work with a team of experts, and we want your help to work on a common lexicon of stuff in FOSS that's not just code.



I have a new nemesis and it's name is mini ham and cheese croissants

So tasty. So accessible when I only to go one store to get all my groceries. So quickly gone.

I realise now that not having a good masto client on my phone means I'm not checking it when I'm not at my desk.

Any suggestions for good android clients?

(removed last toot, apparently not a new thing, and my screnshot made me realise how much I don't use my saved playlists)

rude words 

I've just typed "cuntionality" so I think I need to stop for a bit.

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A combination of cold fingers and autocorrect lead me to have the phrase "deploy to the coven" and now I'm thinking about raven-based deployment schemes.

I'm trying the "faux commute" method of doing a walk outside before and after my workday.

It was great. I saw many doggos.

COVID, snark 

News: Antivaxxers 'barged' their way into a mass vaccination centre and abused staff in Melbourne

Me: we have mass vaccination centres? neat!

(edited: I would very much like to be safely vaccinated but I am not currently eligible.)

The most immediate thing when I see the GitHub Copilot preview (twitter.com/github/status/1409):

Oh, Microsoft own GitHub, and that's why they can use the TADA sound.

I got cited today :3

(by a co-author of the paper but still counts)

whelp, I've officially lost the ability to view Twitter chronologically.

i hate it

Steelcap boots.
Motorcycle jacket.
Kererū pin.

Just lockdown fashion obvs

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