I'm running a cloud workshop in NZDT today so it's like I'm there, except I have no access to chokyfish ><

CW: Twitter 

Today I unfollowed a cute bunny account which used its platform to promote a cryptocurrency launch.

I just want random buns in my feed, man.

One day I will internalise that pull requests and other small updates to my work are continuous improvements, not negative reflections on my work.

In my head these are three different decades? Maybe?

All bangers, tho

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Listening to Spotify's "Aussie Alternative Classics" and it's full of The Whitlams, Killing Heidi and Art vs Science and I'm like "These are all the same genre now?"

Me: I know a lot about deploying Django

Also me: bested by apache configs and FileSystemStorage


i am continuing to get gaslit by my state government about vaccinations

i got az 5 *days* before the pfiiiiizer was available for my age group

so I can't get fully vaxx'd until the end of November.


I appear to have locked myself out of my little twitter and I cannot provide my mobile number to unlock it because it's already attached to my main twitter which I would especially not like to lose.


Nothing like using a local stressful situation as an escape from the global anxiety situation.

(also why is 'anxietyful' not a word?)

"The Cub & the Caterpillar" from Three Black Halfings is amazing, only 2 eps in but gosh!


lockdown, animal abuse 

I joked yesterday that "A guy punched a horse and now Sydney gets 6 more weeks of locked-down winter". [1]

Reports are that it'll be only 4 weeks.

[1] Groundhog Day reference. "... if a groundhog emerging from its burrow on this day sees its shadow due to clear weather, it will retreat to its den and winter will persist for six more weeks".

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