I have a very good cherry brown mechanical keyboard that I can type with super well

but trying to do ANYTHING else like, you know, ctrl keys, breaks my brain because I've used the keyboard on my macbook pro for so long.

I lasted barely half an hour before swapping back.

Has anyone solved the "recharging hugs" problem?

Asking for me, who is in the final stages of conference prep but will get none of said recharging since the event is extremely o n l i n e.

I've been on the cloud layer for so long I didn't realise we were up to Ubuntu Focal.


Aw, looks like I missed Cuttlefish :<

It's a new week
It's a short week
It's PyConline week

/me is slowly waking up and warming to the week.

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The spec: Omit the locale parameter to display dates in the user's current locale.
Safari: Actually uses the user's current locale
Firefox: Uses en-US for some reason
Chrome: Who even knows what Chrome is doing 🤷🏻‍♀️

It's so cold that I'm shivering, and my laptop keyboard is so warm in comparison that the tips of my fingers are feeling tingly :/

It has been 0 days since I used f-string syntax without actually adding the leading f.

Ended up in a YouTube hole around "meals for a day under 💷1" and I'm having a moment around that fact youou can get a kilo of white rice at ASDA for 40p

Is this sort of thing interesting enough for me to cross-post here?

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From the Mt Vic lookout the view to city is always a stunner.

Everyone in and around it can make a difference and remember to

New post: Automating Python package releases by extending git

In which I document the process I took Saturday night that lead me into git's source code and my own ruby commits from 2014 in order to automate the package release process for emojificate.


Y'all shitpost then go off to work, only to come back to hummus recipes!?

Best. Social. Platform. Ever.

That realisation that I like, have a can of chickpeas in the back of my cupboard

So I could just, like, make hummus?

Yesterday I made bagels.
Since the oven was hot, I baked the last of my batch of pre-made frozen cookie dough.

So now I have two cookies left, just out of eye sight, taunting me.

They will be delicious treats after a long day of work.

But for now, they stare back at me with sugary intent.


Me: "I haven't left the house in weeks, really."

2019: OMG! Get a live 😒
2020: OMG! Saving lives 😁

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