Trying listen to random Spotify classical music radio playlist, immediately skipping the hymns and carols within the first bar.

Hello Cloud Island, the fog is slowly lifting outside and it's like hug that's slowly fading away

Hello cloud island
Hello clouds
Hello rain

I had leftover dalgona as my morning coffee and now I have a stomach ache and a headache

Today is a "boil the kettle but forget to actually make tea" kind of day.

It's March 1st
It's March 366th

It's the combination Match 1st and 366th

*hugs* and support for all my kiwi friends in lockdown. 💗

Twitter doesn't like my bots, so I disabled most of the scheduled tweeting.

And now Twitter is sending me emails saying they 'miss me'.

I should make mastodon bots, obvs. (And have them live on the bot server)

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just think

you're a walking subjective experience that a bunch of chemistry is creating self-awareness and reason

and using a network of poisoned sand that was taught to do math

to talk to other mobile chemistry

Still slightly sad that I'm self-L4'ing, mostly around anxiety and not having any good humans in walking distance from home.

Even if a lockdown were to happen here I wouldn't have to change anything, but it's also around a year since I've had a hug.

I hope to hug all the healthy humans soon, but until then, virtual 🤗 to all the good humans.

"I will go for a walk in the morning to get fresh salad"
[morning is wet and miserable]
"I will use the things I already have on hand and make soup!"

Happy "2 results for [specific error message]" day.

good morning cloud island!
the sky is full of clouds so it's like i'm getting a giant blanket of a hug!

Virtual conference was a real conference because I feel like I've been exhausted by a real conference. And I was only an attendee!

Hello friends, the AU and NZ travelling open source conference starts tomorrow, online!

Tix still available! Keynotes by Adafruit and Cory Doctorow!

I'm now trying to find a stockphoto for "I HAVE A QUESTION"

Unsplash isn't helping.

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