When you register a new domain and just miss the hourly zone rebuild

I had the world's worst sleep last night. Remember last looking at the clock around 4am

Opens Twitter
Sees people posting pictures of things nobody needs to see with no warning.
Opens Cloud Island

I got up early for a 8am meeting (I usually work til ~1am so I get up around 10) and they didn't show. And this was a sales call, from their side, wanting to sell me services. Not pleased, and rather tired.

Using pytrunk (github.com/lots-of-things/pytr) to find new people to follow here, trying to get out of my bubble of tech folk

technically it's our spare bed but until they are old enough to sleep calmly-ish with us at night, it's their room

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Our cats LOVE our electric blanket on our bed. I may have just picked one up for their (queen) bed...

Does anyone that uses Flick for power feel like sending me one of their bills? Want to look at how well it will parse automatically before I switch, so I can keep using my power tool that I built.

You know those drinks that say "invert before opening"? Well, today I opened a drink, forgot, and then proceeded to pour the contents of the bottle over my keyboard.

it's actually past their bedtime but I can see they're asleep so didn't want to disturb them

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So I planned to go to bed early tonight due to getting 4-6 hours of sleep each night for the past 3 weeks but someone had to stay up and put the cats to bed at their bedtime. So here I am.

Waiting for an IST.... IST....IST.... Waiting for an IST that'll finish at 2 in the morning.

(to the tune of the wheels on the bus...)

How long do you wait for your GitHub Issue/PR offer to go ignored before you fork and do it anyway

Vaguely pondering a Rancher deployment to replace our "docker" machines across 3 DCs

If I leave the web UI for our security cameras up for too long, it gets behind. So I'm currently watching myself (on the live view) take in the groceries 20 minutes ago.

Tonight I am working out how to use pmacct

I told someone yesterday I'd get something done "this week" not realising it was Thursday... and now the (work) week is over. Oops.

I've been up since 6:30am and that is far too early

Why is it that NZ's largest (allegedly) IT distributor is the only one that is unable to store a credit card or take credit card payments via their website?

Every month I get a phone call to ask for my credit card details to pay our recurring monthly invoice.

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