Mickey's getting into streaming. No one tell him he's meant to be in front of the camera!

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"I see ghosts."
"Oh?" said the witch. "See them often, do you?"
"Depends on my chores for the day, where I go. They're always in the same places."
"I see. Well. Is that a problem?"
"I wonder... Is it impolite to look at them?"
"Oh. Right. If they don't seek your attention, yes."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories

@dznz heyo, i'm wondering how you got your twitter account ownership checked on your profile here? I can see an option for doing it on websites with a "rel=me" tag in a link, but can't see how that would apply to twitter.

Today's weather mood in canberra definitely works with vibing to Sword & Sworcery LP: The Ballad of the Spacebabies by Jim Guthrie - very nice weird electronic music. Dark Flute and Lone Star are especially bangers! :blobhaj_blanket: jimguthrie.bandcamp.com/album/

hello howdy Mastodon, here is refusing to admit that he has to get out of bed (relatable)

mastodon web interface top tip: the option to turn off notification noises isn't in Preferences, it's at the top of the Notifications tab in the little sliders icon :blobhaj_blanket:

:blobhaj_hearttrans: oh my god i did not know there were blahaj blob emojis :blobhaj_heartslove: :blobhaj_smile: :blobhaj_blanket: :blobhaj_heartrainbow: :blobhaj_cathug:

I'm doing the daily programming puzzles at Advent of Code and trying to stick to it this year! - let me know if you're also doing it! adventofcode.com/

selfie, looking at camera in one 

cut my own hair last night and decided to try for a mullet!

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It’s an astonishing morning in the valley, and you are a fantastic human.

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