A flock of noisy miners just had a loud argument with a flock of (invasive) indian minahs over the power pole outside my house, and the noisy miners seem to have won!

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This talk (by @xfxf@twitter.com from @nextdayvideo@twitter.com) should be required viewing for anyone planning or running virtual events.

This is why @linuxconfau@twitter.com and @PyConAU@twitter.com are an experience that blows events put on by three and four letter megaorgs out of the water.


Do you need some adorableness in your Wednesday evening? Suki can provide.

I have done other things these last few days I swear. Yesterday afternoon I cleaned out all my dead houseplants, got some new ones, and potted them up.

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I have spent the majority of the last three days playing Timberborn. Today is my last day off work. I have just stepped away from the computer for a snack. Do I go and play more Timberborn now y/y?

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Thanks to I finally got around to making a Bookwyrm account! @betsybookwyrm@bookwyrm.social

Had to go out to get coffee beans this morning, so I had my first barista-made coffee since before the holidays, and I broke out my well-loved LCA 2019 cup in honour of LCA this weekend (and my last overseas trip).

Cockroach poo and worse for books 

I have done the books and scrubbed the shelves of one of the two bookcases so far. The bottom shelf was so bad. I found three silverfish also, stuff of nightmares.

Lots of books, including my three oldest and most precious (to me) now have cockroach poo stains 😭

Fortunately so far I've only found one thing eaten by the silverfish, and it's not one I care about.

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Cockroach poo 

My housework for this week (before LCA, as I will be on camera) was to take the books off of the bookcases in my room and give it all a thorough dust.

Now that has become: take all the books out of the bookcases in my room, give them a shake and clean, scrub the cockroach poo off the shelves, and then move the bookcases out to clean up whatever horror lies behind them πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€

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Need to drum up some more ticket sales so the discussion piece is a good discussion.

BUY TICKETS TO #GOGLAM Miniconf at #lca2022! there's some interesting talks going on and I think you will love it!

buy a ticket at: linux.conf.au


That was my 10th blood donation! They gave me a little blood-drop pin :)

I lost count of the times she'd killed me before I stopped playing for like six months, I can't believe I survived

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!!! Picked up Hades for the first time in many many months and after a few goes I defeated Meg for the first time ever!!!

This morning I went for a bike ride to a park with swings with a lovely view under the lovely canopy of this lovely tree

I must have missed this story the first time around, or else I've completely forgotten it. It's lovely! A nice smile for difficult times.

podcastle.org/2021/11/16/pc-70 The Newsboy's Last Stand by Krystal Claxton, on PodCastle

Food photo 

Cauliflower pickles-to-be pictured with chilli bush

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