Yikes Melbourne I just saw about your earthquake I hope you're okay?

The pandemic allowed sufficiently for my friend's wedding to go ahead last night with all guests who were able to travel to the Gold Coast πŸ’œ It was so incredibly lucky, and it was a really beautiful wedding!

The hotel we were all booked into got turned into a quarantine hotel like a week ago, so we all got transferred to a fancier hotel, and this is our view this morning of like the entire Gold Coast skyline

Related: I cannot brain any of my work to dos right now so I'm reading through bits of the Python Packaging User Guide that I haven't read yet. Apparently this is what I do now.

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Pandemic, mask compliance 

Despite the fact that we do have a cluster going here in Brisbane at the moment - small, and so far it seems under control, but there was a new case yesterday (in home quarantine) - mask habits seem to be dropping sharply 😿 I want to go up to (1.5m away) all these people and yell at them that we're not out of the woods yet, what happened to Melbourne in this most recent wave could be us any day now 😿


Of all the things we need to co-operate internationally on right now, this is like the opposite of any of them

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This whole submarine thing just seems... unnecessary and intentionally incendiary?

I've been thinking about her upcoming Significant Birthday and clearly my birthday present to her needs to be a full day of couch buddy time.

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I ought to be getting ready for a big day of but my hand is required here on the couch for very important face holding. She is deeply asleep and I can't move!

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Hi Peeps! the number of submissions for for the #GLAM miniconf is looking a little sad πŸ˜₯ If you are doing anything awesome in the Tech/GLAM space you should totally submit something. We want to hear from you! #FOSS #GLAM

Submit here! linux.conf.au/programme/minico

Finished the second little basket dish thing! Just in time, my mum's birthday is tomorrow

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At this point I probably should just set the Python Packaging Guide as my browser home page

It took me a full minute to realise that yes I do know "The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology".

I knew what it stood for, but I don't think I've ever seen it written out if full before?

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Do you do anything cool around Linux or free/open source software?
You should totally write one or more talk proposals for Linux.conf.au! The CFP is open for one more week.

If you're unsure what to talk about, or don't feel confident assembling a proposal, reach out and I'll try to help! The conference is always looking for new presenters, so first time speakers are strongly encouraged.

The conference will be online, so you can be anywhere in the world.

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Board games night at Guides again, they requested Bananagrams especially! I have trained them well πŸ’œ

Sunday night basket making with a very patient and tolerant cat

I went to Spotlight just for some elastic and a needle and maybe a couple fat quarters. I came out with elastic, a pack of needles, ten fat quarters, and a dress worth of fabric. Not bad!

My friend went in with me just intending to get a zipper and ended up with five garments' worth of fabric and some buttons in addition, which is about how a Spotlight trip typically goes for me as well.

Finally finished the silk that's been on this spindle for *years*. Silk hankie, chain plied. Single done on drop spindle, plying done on a wheel.

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