hey fedi

do I know anyone in upstate new york who’d be able to help a queer teen get to her doctor’s appointments? previous travel arrangements have fallen through.

I don’t know what hashtag to use for this

@aurynn Only because I think I remember @pamela mentioning Rochester which I think is in upstate NY?

@astraluma @aurynn I was traveling (ironically to a place in what might be part of upstate New York) and missed this in the shuffle

I pretty much only know of resources near Rochester, but I know of folks in various places

@aurynn where I live (west coast) there is paratransit to help get people to appointments, you could check for that in NY

it gives rides or pays for gas, depending on need


"upstate" is relative and poorly defined

this regional map is better defined, used by the state itself, and because it has been used for COVID response has taken on a lot more familiarity (it predates COVID but was a lot more obscure then):

@deejoe I live in NZ, I know very little about US geography, and I’m trying to avoid directly outing a more precise location


I understand.

Consider, in New Zealand terms, using "southern" for basically anything south of Aukland. Someone in Dunedin (me, in the Finger Lakes) is going to be hard-pressed to offer anything to someone in Wellington (Hudson Valley).

@deejoe Hmmmmm

yeah I’d class “southern” as “on the South Island but I’d need more specifics” here


right. and if they said "northern part of the South Island" maybe that's Chch, maybe Nelson. probably not outing anyone at that point. more to the point, driving from, say, just south of Auckland to, say, Queenstown would just not work for this.

the smallest NY county, Hamilton, has about 5K people, the 2nd, Schuyler, about 18K. odds are this person is in a county with 50K or more & county info wouldn't be very identifying. The regions are all more populous even than that.

@deejoe Chch is middle of South Island tho. North would be Nelson or Kaikoura or Picton or something.

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