Look, I’ve been quiet for a while but what I need you to know is the cats are still wildly adorable.

When this guy decides he wants cuddles, he means business.

Well, That’s that. I guess I’m trapped here forever now.

Friend: have you seen the Belle & Sebastian movie?

Matt: is that the new live action Beauty and the Beast?


I’ve been complaining on Twitter but Cloud Island should also be aware of the Impossible Working Conditions being created at my house today.

Ugh. I was feeling pretty positive about things today but I’ve just CRASHED and now I’m sulky and in bed doom scrolling.

My cats are too cute for words - they literally held paws tonight while they slept.

I’m trying to upload a cute video of my kitty but silly mastodon won’t let me, so here’s the Twitter link twitter.com/amyherself/status/

giraffe levels are 89% and steady

(89%) ■■■■■■■■□□

Soon may the weatherman come
Bringing us heat and summer* and sun
Soon may the weatherman come
And take this rain awayyyyyyy

(*gotta get through Shitsville first, but summer scans better than spring)

I've finally gotten some new t-shirts up online on the Artonauts site! Printed locally by PrintMighty on the Kāpiti coast, using AS tshirts. artonauts.nz/t-shirts

A rainy Saturday morning. I’m reading the latest Becky Chambers and eating leftover pizza with a nice cup of tea. Best Beloved still sleeps. Mal is entertaining himself by trying to get into the pizza box. Wash is entertaining himself by cosplaying a dog and chasing his tail. One might call it peaceful, but not quite :)

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