Today I am apparently useless and undermotivated? If only I could motivate myself to care about it.

Yay! I have a new job! Start at Sharesies on Monday and I’m super excited about it :)

If you haven’t read Adam’s post avoid Making and Breaking in the times of Covid, please do.

“Instead of blinking in astonishment at the unlikely and beautiful thing we just collectively Made, they are trying to tear it down. ... Instead of telling us about their vision for all the wonderful things we can Make, they are lying and manipulating facts.

And we, the punters at home, are going along with this in soul-crushing numbers.”

Lordy, my sugar monster is out in FULL FORCE this evening. Sugarsugarsugarsugarsugar. Sadly, I have nothing in the house to give it (other than actual sugar!)


I mean, BBQ sauce is never going to be the most beautiful thing to photograph, but today I’m making a big batch of my fave ( — it will offend many BBQ purists but it is DELICIOUS) and the house smells amazing and afterward I’ll make pulled chicken with it. Mmmmm.

In case you missed it, Ruby New Zealand is doing $5000 community grants.

Does this sound like something that could be useful to you? You should check it out!

Also, please boost!

I can’t handle NZ Twitter today. HI CLOUD ISLAND! :)

It surprises me how Covid lockdown stuff has suddenly made my household go all heteronormative gender roles. Suddenly I’m running the household, planning meals, mostly cooking, shopping when online etc, while The Mister does in person shopping and works. I’m not complaining really, but it’s fascinating what an abrupt shift it was for us once planning (rather than ’i dunno we’ll figure it out on the day’) was required.

Oh hello brain being super anxious for no reason.

Hanging out with friends this afternoon/tonight was an absolute fucking delight and felt like somehow just exactly what and where I needed to be doing.

Do we play post a pic that games here? I’m enjoying this one on Twitter — reply/RT with a photo of baby/smol you which exudes the same energy you have now. Here’s mine.

(I’m trying VERY hard to learn to snap my fingers)

Hey everyone, Sharesies is hiring a few intermediate / senior devs. I would LOVE IT if you applied. If you're thinking about it but you're not sure for any reason, don't hesitate to reach out with questions! Apply here

Argh. Today on top of everything else I appear to have lost one of my favourite rings. Boooooooooo.

I’m really over looking for a job, today. That is all.

I still haven’t managed to hang a drying line in the house, so for now I have a drying bed, which is safe enough now we don’t have a borrowed cat 😂😂

I just folded the 3 loads of laundry that I did in a motivated moment the day before yesterday, so I’m taking the win.

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Ok pocket pals. My motivation is wildly unpredictable atm. Some days are fine and other days I get fuck all done. My two usual tricks of “just do it for 10 minutes” and To Do Lists are not working. What other tricks you got? Or should I just roll with it and write it off to kinda weird high stress world times?

I’m just saying, my pulled pork sandwiches are pretty great.

Have been doing a bunch of interviewing and it’s a bit like dating - mostly fairly entertaining but ultimately I just wanna get on with a relationship.

Luckily no dick pics yet 😂

Adulting, and having grown-up conversations about relationships is stressful and hard and I’ve had my fill for the day to be honest.

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