In today’s news.... organising an exhibition is constantly low level anxiety provoking with sudden higher spikes. I’m glad I’m doing it but fuck me.

New stickers have arrrrriiivvveeedddd!! They’re gonna be for sale at my wee exhibition at Ninjaflower over the next month or so!

Random anxiety for No Fucking Reason is literally one of my least favourite things.

Here it is, Cloud Island - your Daily Dose of Kitten Cuddles.

Good morning cloud island!! Here is your daily Moment of Kittens😍

(forgive my random ballet flat which I failed to get out of shot! 😂😂)

OMG CLOUD ISLAND. I’ve been neglecting you on kitten content!! I GOT KITTIES! They are good ginger boys.

suicide, vfx 

TW: suicide

I've just discovered that my ex-workmate, who killed himself earlier this year in Canada, had a clause in his VFX contract that meant he was liable for a $35,000 penalty if he quit mid-project.

I'm so angry right now.

My plea to all you lovely kiwis - the US election is a slow moving train wreck and the prez is an absolute trash fire. I get it. But some of us also have family and friends stuck there, some of them more vulnerably than others. Please try to be gentle with us over the next few days. 💚

Turns out by “later” I meant “as soon as I can raid Boyfriend’s pens for a BG23 Copic Marker”....

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I think someone wants chips (or at least thinks he does).

Hide for Inktober Day 26. My green pen is out of ink or I would have done it for realsies (will backfill my journal later)

Pettest of peeves — people who don’t come to eat when you call dinner.... 😤😤

I don’t draw a lot of inorganic/machinery type things, so DIG for today was quite fun :)

Wack how media portrays base human instnics as violence. As if human instinct does not include compassion, mutual aid, and loving the sound of running water. As if we did not biologically evolve the innate instinct to care and love. As if we have not hard wired ourselves to protect and nuture and to dance. As if we haven't been pact bonding with animals since the dawn of time and told stories for as long as we could speak.

I’m ranty and grumpy and have too many people I know on all my social media and where is the fucken void(s) I used to scream into they’ve all filled up with friends and workmates.

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