My favourite part of the video is the way he deadeyes the camera at the end, like “yes, this is the bullshit i put up with for cuddles and a treat”

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Fresh sheets are always just such a delight.

That’s it. That’s the toot.

With Spring 1 in the air, it feels like time to release the Realistic Wellington Weather Calendar to Mastodon.

Creation credit to @adamshand on Twitter, I don’t think he has a Mastodon account.

‪End of week three at new job, and I feel like I can confidently say I love the shit out of it.‬

Also, and unrelated - how the fuck even are vector drawings?

Refining yesterday’s undersea adventure and trying to decide whether a: I want colour and b: if these will be stickers. I think stickers might be a little small to see the glorious detail (like the little sneaky anglerfish in the dark, way down at the inside...)

I forgot to post this little doodle yesterday - an undersea themed mandala...

Eeeee!! I got a phone case made out of one of my illustrations from via redbubble and it arrived today and I could not be more delighted with it! :)

We’re also recruiting for a whole heap of other roles across the company, so if you’re looking, check out the list!

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My lovely team at Sharesies is expanding and we’re looking for a People Development Manager to join us. You'll be doing the same thing I am in the PX team, supporting and people-managing our product/technical teams. More info in the link below. Please share and apply 💖

Friends, I made more screenprinting screens tonight. I’m gonna end up with a delightfully weird monster art, if all goes well.

Today I am apparently useless and undermotivated? If only I could motivate myself to care about it.

Yay! I have a new job! Start at Sharesies on Monday and I’m super excited about it :)

If you haven’t read Adam’s post avoid Making and Breaking in the times of Covid, please do.

“Instead of blinking in astonishment at the unlikely and beautiful thing we just collectively Made, they are trying to tear it down. ... Instead of telling us about their vision for all the wonderful things we can Make, they are lying and manipulating facts.

And we, the punters at home, are going along with this in soul-crushing numbers.”

Lordy, my sugar monster is out in FULL FORCE this evening. Sugarsugarsugarsugarsugar. Sadly, I have nothing in the house to give it (other than actual sugar!)


I mean, BBQ sauce is never going to be the most beautiful thing to photograph, but today I’m making a big batch of my fave ( — it will offend many BBQ purists but it is DELICIOUS) and the house smells amazing and afterward I’ll make pulled chicken with it. Mmmmm.

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