Many cats went to new homes today, good number of adoptions, yay. 🍔 time now!

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Many adorable cats here looking for forever homes 🐱🙃 and I can’t take any more home… six is enough.

Managed to order coffee from the wrong place on the way to volunteer shift 🤦🏼‍♂️ cue detour back across town to collect.

1hr 50min give or take. 🤦🏼‍♂️💤

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Seems like it’s going to be yet another night with no sleep. Sigh.

I hate it when I know I’ve forgotten to do something, that it was probably important and yet I have no idea what it is any longer… 🤦🏼‍♂️

Apparently I’m a walking cat tree. Buffy has found a new vantage point and is quite content sitting in the hood of my Kiwicon hoodie and over my shoulder.

Update: I got my chair back from Tamar. Now she’s asleep on the window bed.

Ah. The smell of since passed electronics. There goes a power supply, emitting it’s magic smoke.

My somewhat crazy cats are a huge perk to working from home. Floofy tummy rubs are a good way to chill out when things aren’t going smoothly… as normal, Tamar rolled around like a loon while I was giving her rubs and fell of the chair. Probably decent weather for a walk today, if I can find her harness.

I wish I was this cat. Just walked over there, fell over and fell asleep (he’s snoring). Could do with some sleep…

Guess I’m not doing any moon photography tonight given this rain. Would have been nice to get another a year apart from the one I took last year. Oh well.

A memory elsewhere reminded me that I took this a year ago today. Think it was the second time I’d attempted moon photos. Could be better but not too bad.

I think I’ve spent more time just sitting staring at my screen than getting anything at all done tonight… brain is fried.

It’s 2021 and yet my washing machine still can’t tell the difference between “30 minutes remaining” and 75 minutes of real time. I mean today has felt long but that’s just taking the biscuit.

Much rain. Reminded me I’ve been lax and still not cleaned the guttering 🤦🏼‍♂️ least the drains aren’t blocked now.

I wonder who I’ve angered in a prior life by ending up having to deal with PHP 🤔

Good morning, what lovely weather it is ☀️

Vader wants to rest on my lap this evening it seems.

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