Maybe having the Sky Camera take daytime images is a bad idea 🙄 60.6 °C is probably a little unkind to the sensor.

Anyway back to cats - Vader eventually caught the stick that wasn’t moving without his tongue falling out of his face again - those daggers 😐

This is pretty neat - I changed the software I was using for my Sky Camera and now it does some extra things (meteor detection being one of the neat ones) - but this is really handy for my astro photography stuffs - it's monitoring the Sky Quality during each 30 second image then reports it into the graph and via MQTT. In theory I can (with some testing) set this up to pause the imaging on the actual telescope if I'm asleep and clouds appear 🤔

Also Vader has malfunctioned yet again during play time

Looking at the sky camera I'm now less irritated by the fact I couldn't get the telescope out this evening... clouds have appeared. (edited because I've still not learnt how to type correctly 😅)

Flat glass bed on 3D Printer is actually not flat. Not terrible though just surprising how much it deviates in such a short space.

Lovely clear still evening out - good grief is it cold though.

Oh no, on out of hours on call for the next week 😭

Has SELinux ever been helpful to anyone, ever? 2 hours of my life I'll never get back 🤦‍♂️

Little one appears to be glad I’m at home today 🙃 sitting next to me on my office chair

Kitties say g’night (also help I’m being squashed by the tabby cat I think 😅)

Oh good no one else in my team bothered to come in. Great.

On the downside I have to go into the people infested office tomorrow :(

I did fix my Glamon machine today though! So I achieved something off of my to-do list for a change. Admittedly I had to still the GPS antenna off of one of the KiwiSDR's to so - which reminded me I didn't add fixing those to my to-do list - but at least I have proven the GPS board itself is fine, unlike the GPS antenna which I can only assume cooked with the zappy zap strike near by like a few other things a wee while back. Oh well. Also another thing I need to move to a better spot 😅

Oh the max range is 430.59KM in useful distance measurements. Not a bad effort for a half arsed install against the side of the house with poor quality coax I figure.

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