Finally saw my hairdresser today. Back to feeling like myself again.

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Okay so the whole *gestures* world stuff has kind of seriously impacted my business and income.

If you know of anyone looking for the following:
- Designing cloud infrastructure
- Writing and updating Terraform around cloud infrastructure
- Solutions architecture, aka why are we building this way
- Building devops processes in teams

Could you put me in touch ? I'd really appreciate it!

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Hey, just published a great article on how I design and implement infrastructure, and how that shaped Cloud Island.

Check it out!

This weekend my flatmate is away and I am binge watching Star Trek movies. I’m up to IV. I really dislike this one. A lot.

Good morning! Yesterday was new stabs day. Decorating my skin is one of my favourite things.

Final notification of our restructure is on Thursday. I’m sad because I don’t think it goes far enough.

The sun is shining, the neighbours have the chainsaw out, it’s Monday.

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