Hi pocket pals. Lost my dad today. He was diagnosed with cancer in November 2019. I flew home for Christmas last minute and I’m so glad I did. A year ago today was the last time I hugged him. This afternoon he died peacefully at the hospice with my mom by his side. I’m going to really miss him. He was a good dad.

I got a massage today and it was so good. Deep tissue. She was rough in all the right ways. I’ve been drinking water like mad today and I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow. Ugh.

CW Blood donation 

Good start to the day, saving a few lives maybe.

Something in the house just beeped. I’m home alone.

I got a marketing email this morning that said “6 weekends until Christmas”. I suspect they were trying to trigger my amygdala to cause me to panic shop. Instead, it triggered oxytocin at knowing that means I’m on holiday in only 6 more weekends. Cheers, marketer.

Did a sculpture class today. Felt good to exercise my creative muscles.

I took an extra day this long weekend and I really needed it. I’ve spent time with excellent people, did some spring cleaning, and ate tasty foods. 🤞this week is a smooth one.

I had my lunch in the sun today and it was an excellent life choice. Hello good spring.

The sun is shining, the birds were singing this morning, wind is briefly calm. You’re alright, Wednesday.

It’s finally Friday. The annoying colleague is wfh today so my desk is a peaceful haven. My new manager seems like good people. I’m going to buy some mulberry coloured gumboots at lunch time. My morning coffee was delicious. I got to see vid of sciencebaby at the pool. Today is a good day despite the rain (or maybe because of).

It’s a self care day of sleeping in, drinking coffee, and heading out later for a pedi. I hope you’re taking some time for yourself today too.

Some days I’m really excited about work challenges. Other days I wonder if it’s Friday yet. Guess which today is.

Happy Saturday pocket pals. 3 years ago today I had a baby for some friends. It was a pretty wild ride. Today I’ve had coffee and pastry and binge watched Lucifer and wondered where 3 years went.

mental health 

My anxiety reaction is stress shopping. I bought a pelican key bowl and some unicorn book ends that arrived today so I’m not even mad. I do need to find a healthier outlet though.

Watching a movie and the home internet stops working. Taking it as a sign to go to bed. Sleep well pocket pals.

mental health 

Today was a bed day. Anxiety has had me feeling like I have a fever which has increased my anxiety. Took the day to try reset my brain. Why brains gotta brain? Hugs to everyone who knows what I mean. ❤️

Hello pocket pals. It has been a time. I hope you’re all holding together. ❤️

Mondays are not for me. Neither are mornings.

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