@aurynn Do you have any idea why Sengi doesn't connect to cloud island? Whenever I try to add this account I just get a gateway timeout, but without any delay

@PetraOleum hmm, I'm seeing the POST requests come through and they're fine

@aurynn Probably an issue with the app itself then, I'll send them an issue

@PetraOleum It might be an issue with my configuration, but find out what they say yeah

@aurynn Apparently it a header issue. I don't know how hard that is to fix, but it's hardly urgent github.com/NicolasConstant/sen

@PetraOleum Hmmm, a CORS issue. I'm never quite sure how I feel about enabling * on CORS.

@PetraOleum I've updated nginx to return the CORS header, so this should be working

@aurynn I sure hope that doesn't allow any website running JS to force your users to post to their timeline (IIRC it should only set CORS headers if the current user has allowed the referring site for their user, unless there's some other security mechanism in place).
@aurynn ahh nvm, as long as you don't also set Access-Control-Allow-Credentials you'll be fine.
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