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it’s a great day for mongodb to bring down my home network’s management interface :/

Kenobi is nice, though I have some questions that I hope will be answered soon. It’s just a pity that I have to wait until next Monday night for the next episode.

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At the very least, tonight I learned how to capture packets from a Docker container:

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I finally figured it out… base64 was wrapping output to ~77 columns. Disable with “--break 0” on macOS (this seems to be default) or “--wrap=0” on Linux.

[screams into void]

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I’ve been battling a personal CI/CD config for over two hours now and I cannot figure out why bash/openssl is generating an invalid JWT in CI but a valid one everywhere else including in the same container image that the CI build is using. 🤨

Electron apps are just like native apps, your users will never be able to tell the difference!

left Artarmon to dark clouds, drove over the Harbour Bridge under dark clouds, came out of the Eastern Distributor tunnel and it’s raining so hard I’m almost wishing my car was a boat

lol, Sylveon from Johto, back when Fairy-type Pokémon didn’t exist at all.

This Eevee had quite a journey: Pokémon Crystal Virtual Console -> Transporter -> Bank -> Home -> Legends Arceus

… and now my 2DS also functions as an FTP server.

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I’m finally hacking my 2DS and the process is actually a lot simpler than the docs suggest, they’re just very verbose and thorough docs.

Also I’m still surprised that to this day Pokemon Picross has not been patched.

note to self: don’t run “ipconfig /release” when trying to troubleshoot a machine remotely…

ahahaha my fake Pokémon drivers licences made its way into a big tough serious infosec blog

I’m back in the office this morning and really don’t know what to do with all this screen space - 2x 4K/40” screens. I can’t believe I used to use all it every day.

who called it “BuildBot for the Blender project” and not “Will It Blend?”?

the local chemist has the air conditioner set to high and there’s a mum playing Let It Go to keep her kid entertained… it’s definitely the right temperature for that

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