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note to self: don’t run “ipconfig /release” when trying to troubleshoot a machine remotely…

ahahaha my fake Pokémon drivers licences made its way into a big tough serious infosec blog

I’m back in the office this morning and really don’t know what to do with all this screen space - 2x 4K/40” screens. I can’t believe I used to use all it every day.

who called it “BuildBot for the Blender project” and not “Will It Blend?”?

the local chemist has the air conditioner set to high and there’s a mum playing Let It Go to keep her kid entertained… it’s definitely the right temperature for that

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Is this the easiest way to get started with 9600 baud packet?

Testing out the Digirig + DATA2 (6 pin mini din connector) on the IC7100 @ 9600 baud.

Happy Pesach Sheini!

(let’s just quietly pretend that it’s not shkiah just yet)

I got my flu shot on Tuesday and I still have an injection lump on my arm :/

Disabled the Twitter-to-Mastodon crossposter, it turns out there was more posts that I didn't want to cross-post than posts I did.

I spent hours today bashing my head against the keyboard trying to find out why my ASP.NET Core routes weren’t being matched. It was incredibly frustrating but at least I have some good material to blog about soon.

slightly concerned after opening a PDF on WhatsApo, reading through the PDF, and then watching WhatsApp crash…

the car up the road has been beeping and squealing for 20-30 minutes 🤬

traffic on southern cross drive is absolutely atrocious southbound towards the airport due to a breakdown in the airport tunnel, I highly suggest avoiding the area

clearly somebody has never taken their kids into a service station public bathroom along the highway…


Condoms at supermarket check outs are good, actually. Talk to your children about birth control before they need it, don’t be a prude


TIL, thanks!


For debugging panics where K8s quickly restarts things:

kubectl logs --previous

.... is incredibly useful. 🤩


and quite possibly the last

(but seriously this is cool)


I may very well be the first person to run Macintosh System 7 on a Steam Deck. No, I'm not sorry.


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