it’s a great day for mongodb to bring down my home network’s management interface :/

Electron apps are just like native apps, your users will never be able to tell the difference!

lol, Sylveon from Johto, back when Fairy-type Pokémon didn’t exist at all.

This Eevee had quite a journey: Pokémon Crystal Virtual Console -> Transporter -> Bank -> Home -> Legends Arceus

Happy Pesach Sheini!

(let’s just quietly pretend that it’s not shkiah just yet)

the car up the road has been beeping and squealing for 20-30 minutes 🤬

and quite possibly the last

(but seriously this is cool)


I may very well be the first person to run Macintosh System 7 on a Steam Deck. No, I'm not sorry.


the got better envelopes this year - no more licking the votes to seal them

unfortunately these signs on the ground don’t work the same way as the tiles in Team Rocket HQ :(

wow, Microsoft Teams really doesn’t want me to have an opinion today

this is your periodical reminder that Pokémon has a catgirl professor

these new mega legendary raids in Pokémon GO are so tough

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