I only realised last night that both Bryce Dallas Howard and her dad have directed Star Warses.

Anyhow I’m looking forward to whatever she has in store for us tonight in The Book of Boba Fett.

once again I had to stop and think when asked for my age... when I was younger I had it down to the month, these days I have to do maths

שנה טובה, happy new year cloud island and fediverse!

confusing my coworkers by mentioning that I'd like a certain PR finished up before the end of the year... 😉✡️🗓️

I went outside to try play radio with the International Space Station, but first I discovered the hard way that their radio is off and then I got caught in the rain and landed up completely soaked. ☹️😢

perhaps tonight will be the night I finally learn how to fry falafel balls, rather than how to burn falafel balls.

you don’t often see a תעודה in Australian stores… 😋

the two things you really need in Australia are Aerogard and WireGuard, for similar reasons

I still don’t understand how capitalists expected a non-renewable resource to generate endless income indefinitely.

re. Belarus:

So you're telling me somebody travelling to Vilna ended up in Minsk at the hands of the KGB, and this somehow _isn't_ a 19th century European or 20th century Soviet Yiddish tale?

Even the wicked Haman understood the importance of localization.

Happy Purim everyone!


In סליחות today we say “רפאות למחץ מקדים ומחשב,” but sure, go on about how we can’t trust the vaccine because it was rushed. 🙄

good afternoon lovely island of clouds, how are all ye doing today?

the only good bit about filing a police statement about someone damaging your vehicle is the legally mandated but nevertheless ridiculous line “I did not give anybody permission to do this to my vehicle”

I've been chasing amateur radio satellites for the last week or so, fingers crossed today I can actually make contact with somebody on today's satellite pass...

morning stand-ups would be a lot more fun if you could vote people out like among us

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