Boss: your leave request broke the system
Me: uh sigh
Boss: why do you want to take the specific week off in 2038
Me: for this exact reason

@xssfox I'm gonna be turning 66 that year and I'm damn well retiring in '37, without a doubt.

@mike @xssfox Don’t forget about the insane contracting rates we can all charge to fix every damn system in ‘38. 😆

@tsturm @xssfox I worked Y2K. I did my time, I'm not going back in.

I'm gonna grow vegetables and learn woodworking.

@Gina @mike @tsturm @xssfox hey I know you're on the wrong side of the pond for me to join BUT CAN I JOIN ANYWAY

@mike I keep talking to my wife about opening a Cafe and coffee roaster after my impending tech induced nervous breakdown

@xssfox Unless they’ve managed to fix it in the three years since I worked there, this would cause issues for a rather common workforce management platform in the pharmacy and social healthcare sectors.

So much things to break!

@xssfox (All dates in this system were stored as timestamps in MySQL’s INT columns)

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