You might not like it but this is the most optimum layout for programming

@aurynn not sure, I suspect its due to the lack of sleep I got last nightt

@xssfox @aurynn @PetraOleum weh, i messed around with this and broke everything D:

i managed to fix it, with the entirety of the screen offscreen o.o

@xssfox @aurynn @PetraOleum and just after i fixed it, my computer ran out of memory *and* swap (for unrelated reasons) and crashed D:

@xssfox @aurynn @PetraOleum I'm guessing you'll swap that password sticky note out for a different one?

@xssfox oh and my apologies, I should first have complimented your glorious work & mentioned that I am deeply impressed how far out of the box you got @aurynn @PetraOleum I am in awe

@xssfox @Firesphere @aurynn @PetraOleum It is compliant with some of the advice for written passwords - there's no indication of the username or service it applies to.
On the other hand, the other critical bit was "keep it in your wallet with your cards" ...


@xssfox @aurynn @PetraOleum

We also need a config recommendation for those whose monitors are visible from high-foot-traffic areas. What x is just enough to discombobulate casual observers?

@stuartyeates @xssfox @aurynn oh God, even just a few pixels in the regular directions is enough for me

@xssfox is that a password on that post-it note or the rare elusive decoy password?

@ben its a password. not sure if its the password you need though

@thatonecalculator @xssfox I think that xrandr can rotate the displays by degrees other than 90, 180 and 270, it is just unavailable in GUIs

@xssfox Donc le mot de passe est aHVudGVyMgo et c'est une belle photo de famille :)

@xssfox finally a monitor setup for my Java class names

@xssfox my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

@xssfox …interesting - what is your default rotation speed? I heard the 144Hz model makes too much wind when maxed out. :awesome:

(compliment to the camera that took this shot - you almost can't notice motion blur!)

@xssfox Now you need Triangle Studio Code with a staircase plugin, NorthHat Navigator, and TetraTerm.

@xssfox aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

@xssfox This is awesome! But is there a way to rotate/transform a wayland/sway output to a non 90deg value? #askingforafriend :boost_ok:

Okay, first of all that's APPALLING.
Secondly, I'm impressed it can even be done. HOW?!

@xssfox ok I am unironically falling in love with this :3

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