there's going to be a hell of a lot of people that don't understand this flow

@xssfox especially with incorrect instructions. The button in step 4 isn't actually labelled "immunisation history". in my app it's labelled "proof of vaccinations". 🙄

@xssfox I got lost at step 1, why is the normal medicare app not good enough? Why does it need to be the plus version? What is even going on?!

@Firesphere @xssfox well it's the Express version, which if i recall from my C# days must mean it's a free cut down version of Medicare Studio...

@PetraOleum @xssfox But then why the plus? Is it because it's written in C+ or something? And they forgot a +? This is all very confusing.

@xssfox @leigh I managed this yesterday but boy is it not intuitive. The default flow in the SV app opens a browser and asks you to log in to myGov through the web interface.

@xssfox @hugh yeah, then it dumps you on the myGov homepage with no clear instructions on how to get through to the button you need to click. It sucks.

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