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@xssfox If we continuously rotate the monitor, we should be able to take advantage of the persistence of vision effect to display the whole circle.

Comes with bonus temporal antialiasing at no added cost!

Why does the USA measure temperature in farads?

You might not like it but this is the most optimum layout for programming

Good news, my eSIM has shipped. Holy shit this is stupid

That reach! I can't even imagine the forces on a boom that long!

Uh this is probably not the best time to wandering around outside

Walking down the street when suddenly a cisco box of loose 18650s

I have discovered the Garmin watch face editor and proceeded to make an xssfox watch face

Drinking water from the hot water tap to freak out people from the UK

If my modelling is correct, by 2050 Melbourne and inner suburbs will be entirely composed of gyms and fitness clubs. All other businesses will cease to exist.

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