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TIL ICANN will just reset your 2FA if you email them, no further questions asked


This pedestrian crossing in Dunedin seems wild (in the unsafe sense)

Terrible photos because I can't be bothered going outside. This digirig has gone through some stuff. This rework wire doesn't go from RTS to PTT but rather through the hole for PTT and to TIP.

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SSTV R36 Image received on 7.171 MHz LSB at 2022-10-03 22:48:48 UTC
#sstv #R36 #7171

Pondering with @DropTableFoxes if a bike is actually required for the "round the bay" 20km ride. I could probably make the distance on foot before the cut off time

Laying in bed using the window mirror weather service

Most of the Australian timezone maps you might have seen on your feed recent are likely wrong if they don't include carve outs for Eucla and Broken Hill.

Our timezones are whack

I found the "hot chips" generic packaging for shoe boxes

Get back at amateur radio operators by using wavelength hz instead of metres for distance measurements.

"Yeah it's only a 7,126.21hz drive to the next town"

This probably sounds dumb, but uh, was "The Games (1998)" - a mockumentary about the management of the Sydney Olympics - shot in Melbourne (apart from stock footage)? There are a few scenes that are clearly shot in Melbourne

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Other fox is out tonight so I can do two of my selfish desires. Cooking spaghetti al dente and going to bed early

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According to @DropTableFoxes I got the price wrong. Updated

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