shout to the yarratrams ticket inspector that went out of their way to lower their mask to talk to someone

"you can use our web app, it's really secure" the pharmacist says as I'm staring at an uncensored stack trace during registration

i love spotting these little vibration sensors on trains. need to work out how to decode them. I think last time i looked they were zigbee?

this ground is also a roof! reminds me of parliament house

Pharmacist: "are you dropping off a -script?"
Me: "eh, probably not, do you have Zumenon?"
them: "lol no"

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It was recommended that I 3d print some replacement buttons for my watch. Not the greatest finish but it'll do for now

lameee. the back button broke off my Pebble 2 in my sleep. I only just started using it again

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I setup a telegram bot that prints out what people send it and this is what they sent.

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