<- there was a long toot here that i deleted because my mind is a mess right now and feelings are hard to describe

there's an insignificant amount of infrastructure in place to make my shopping list work. So much so that Trello once asked me why i was making so many api calls

I suggested we should have a team member with a security focus and I think we might actually be getting one :o

I really didn't expect that to work

aaaaaaaa looks like focus isn't something i have today

AWS IAM outage has killed what little productivity I had today

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Logitech G700s is the mouse for terraform. You can set the scroll wheel to free wheel which lets you scroll through your terraform plan quicker

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Nonlinear timelines strip us of social agency

really wish i could visit NZ right now

AAAA records imply the existence of a 64bit long IP address, likely named IPv5

terraform will happily let you have two resources pointed at the same physical resource. This is a bad thing and bad things happen when you do this.

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