After a long day of building build pipelines, I'm going to go home and *checks notes* build build pipelines.

ooooohhh that was a fun terraform issue. Apparently you can do module.blah[0].output_var ... even though you can't use count or for_each in a module but it leads to weird and interesting bugs

Google takeout finished. Dropbox helpfully tried to download the entire takeout to my tiny MacBook :O

Triggered a Google Takeout. It's been awhile since I've done this and they've added more supported services. I'm kind of scared about how much data this will be and that's making me think about decentralisation a bit more again.

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brain just switched off. currently laying ontop of a tent that's in our living room that needs to be packed up after camping on the weekend

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I'd really love to see the Overland turned into an economy night service. If I could climb into a tiny little bunk bed and wake up the next day in Melbourne, without the carbon footprint and security theatre of air travel, I'd be delighted.

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RT @vk5qi
Progress! Working on a Python-based demodulator for High-Altitude Balloon telemetry.

With github down, code is being shared in telegram private messages.

Finally got around to finishing the python bindings for horuslib so that Mark/vk5qi can finish their modem gui. It still weirds me out using C libs in Python.

Silly question but how are cloud island people dealing with the bird site? At the moment I'm posting mostly unique stuff between the two but I think I want to make cloud island my primary posting place.

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Hey, just published a great article on how I design and implement infrastructure, and how that shaped Cloud Island.

Check it out!

Today was a bit of a write off :(
Also I'm full of holes now (2x vaccinations and a blood test)

decided to tinker in C# today at work. I'm why out of my comfort level. Might retreat soon.

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