If Apple sold an external keyboard with touchID I would buy it - possibly even if it wasn’t super secure. So I guess they shouldn’t do that even though I want it? Maybe?

@tim the Apple Watch takes over a lot of this, for when I'm in clamshell mode attached to a display. Automatic unlock, authentication being an action on the Watch, etc

@aurynn Oh interesting. That hadn’t occurred to me. I really don’t want to want an Apple Watch though...

@tim To be honest, the Apple Watch is kinda 80% good. I use it because I like the high levels of integration with iOS and macOS.


I don't, like, love it.

@aurynn @tim [Looks at Fitbit, cries in poor.]

One day, Chris.

@car @tim It's not like I could afford a new one if this one breaks; the whole apocalypse is kind of ruinous for me

@aurynn @tim Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that anyone on particular was rich, apart perhaps from previous Chris, who felt like it was a good idea to give up obscene contractor money for the -$10K salary of a student.

@car @tim oh, sorry, I was trying to be commiserate but clearly I did not do that very well

@aurynn @tim It's all good. I am painfully aware that, while we're currently running our family's finances at a loss, the ability to say "this work is killing me, I'm going back to university" is still old-white-tech-dude level privilege.

@car @tim It's a thing I'd love to be able to do, certainly

@tim given they have put T2 (security) chips in their recent laptops, and security around their Touch ID devices, I think they could build a trusted encrypted path from the keyboard mounted touch module to the laptop security chip. So I think they *could* make it secure. There’d need to be some separate enrollment process of the keyboard Touch ID though 🤔

(Personally I like actual key travel, so I’m still using a early 2000s external Apple USB keyboard....)

@ewenmcneill It seems like it should be a solvable problem doesn’t it? It just seems so odd that they’ve done nothing useful with the Touch Bar concept and haven’t even taken the one good bit (Touch ID) to a format that someone with a iMac, Mac Pro or Mac Mini can use.

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