Am I the only person on Vodafone NZ who has moderately frequent struggles getting 2FA codes delivered via SMS? I've had issues from several sources.

When I had the opportunity I even verified that I couldn't get them delivered to another Vodafone number but could to a Spark number.

@tim I’m on Vodafone and don’t recall having an issue. But I try very hard to avoid SMS 2FA (prefer TOTP or YubiKey or similar), so my SMS 2FA sample size is pretty small.

Do they get delivered late (ie too late to use), or not at all?

@ewenmcneill they just never arrive. I should probably try harder to avoid using them but so often it is the easiest way.

@tim never arrive is odd. That implies they’re not getting submitted to the network correctly (otherwise network would retry for a few days). I wonder if there’s a common SMS bulk sender not buying enough capacity from Vodafone?

Maybe try reporting to Vodafone NZ and see if they know a common cause? (2FA is clearly submitted via an API not a handset...)

@ewenmcneill yeah. I went through it with them once before. I gave Vodafone the Twilio logs the source had been able to give me showing the messages getting submitted. I heard nothing but a week or so later things started working.

I’m not sure they’d have even taken me that seriously if it couldn’t show it not functioning to 2 different Vodafone numbers and working to a spark one.

@tim yup, it’d definitely take a “scientific” level of evidence to get past level 1 Helpdesk disbelief that “the problem is at your end, surely”.

I’m not surprised you didn’t hear anything back, but “it works when I try now” kinda implies maybe something got fixed/restarted 😃

@tim FWIW I’m another context (postal address change via Vodafone website/app) I got the impression some nodes in their load balancer were failing queries that worked via others (address suggestion lookup often returned “null” but sometimes worked). So maybe there’s a few web nodes that need restarting?

Obviously hard to convince anyone of that though...🤔

@ewenmcneill They appear to be very frequently challenged by technical debt - both built and acquired over decades. I honestly feel sorry for their engineers.

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