It turns out I miss Level 4 and 3 supermarket shopping. What a shitshow it is out there.

Also, has anyone seen my debit card?

@tim I definitely miss the ease of (late) Level 3 “Click and Collect” from the front door with minimal queuing. Now collection is back inside so you have to compete to enter with in-person shoppers, meaning what seems like a 10-20 minute queue outside to get to a (hopefully shorter) queue inside to collect your item.

@tim I’m really not looking forward to collecting the last item I ordered (“in stock”) mid Level 3, which finally actually arrived in store a few days ago (just got official notification this afternoon, but it was implied as arrived on the website a few days ago).

(I walked past the store twice mid last week, and ended up deciding the outside queue alone looked too long to be worth waiting around and I’d come back another day 🙁)

@ewenmcneill I never ended up doing online ordering for supermarket stuff. I got some veges delivered at one point, and booze, and meat.... but never from the supermarket so click and collect hasn’t been a thing for me. I think I just liked the occasional opportunity to wander around a shop!

But now the shops are so much busier. Faster moving queues but way less chill once inside.

@tim Yeah, I used to like wandering around the shop too. But Level 3/4 grocery shopping turned into a speed run for me because I was very aware there was a queue of people waiting for me to leave :-)

Sounds like the grocery stores are back to “busy weekend” busy again. Which isn’t really a fun time to shop, even in Prior Times!

@aurynn the problems of not going into a shop for over a week!

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