@tim I don't think links in general get previewed?

@Firesphere @tim there's a card system, but it might not be set up here?

@Firesphere It seems to be a little delayed. It wasn't previewing it at all when I first posted it, but it is now.

@Firesphere It has for me now.
It might also involve some more detailed client behaviour. I think my iOS app (Toot!) previewed the tweet sooner than the web client.

@tim Weird it doesn't have an image though. It should have an image...

@Firesphere Hmm.

Perhaps something for @aurynn to check when she has a chance.

Here's a link to the Guardian - another test for myself. theguardian.com/music/2020/may

@Firesphere @aurynn That one had the preview straight away, though no image.

@tim @Firesphere This is a good question, I think it's supposed to

@tim @Firesphere so this might be that I need more background processing servers

or streaming servers

or my nginx config is wrong


@aurynn @Firesphere It got my funny looking face for the tweet I linked at the top of the thread, so it sometimes does load images.

@tim @aurynn It might be, just maybe, I did a dumb by not adding an og:image tag... 😇

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