Just had a weird few minutes where all sounds were menacing. A feeling I associate with childhood fevers. Odd and unpleasant.

Also, what sort of bastard algorithm puts The Smiths after The Pixies - especially at this time of the morning. Have a heart.

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I start noticing the song more if the new one is something I know but feels out of context, less going from a song I know to one I don't.

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I'm experimenting with spotify again (to make life easier when switching between work and personal devices) and though I'm traditionally a full album listener, I'm beginning to understand one possible draw towards shuffled mixes: It's so much harder to let it drift into the background - my expectations keep being disrupted.

That sounds like a bad thing (it is when I'm trying to work) but I can see how it'd lead to closer listening too.

I can't decide if it is a good thing or a bad thing that I can wait until my first meeting of the day before getting out of my dressing gown (and into clothes!).

So I guess I now have advice and technical knowledge (and a considerable body of software) on how to deploy software into Openstack.

Is this something your company needs? Get in touch!

The interesting thing about this to me,is not actually the data sovereignty bit but the revealing that actually, for all these things are technical constructs, at the end of the day human relationships between devs / dev/opts / admins / management / etc matter in ways that are completely invisible on the surface of the systems involved.


If Apple sold an external keyboard with touchID I would buy it - possibly even if it wasn’t super secure. So I guess they shouldn’t do that even though I want it? Maybe?

Doing an incident investigation resulted in not one, but two additional incidents! “Oh hey... So this graph that demonstrates the undesirable behaviour seems to be... now?”

End of week two doing this whole “work” thing and it’s been good. I’d really like to be in a pub about now but oh well. Oven baked snacks and beer from my own fridge will have to do.

I am confused by that URL not being clickable...

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It is easy (for me at least) to forget just how vast and diverse Russia is. This sounds grim but probably not surprising. youtu.be/XauTmH74SQg‬

Am I the only person on Vodafone NZ who has moderately frequent struggles getting 2FA codes delivered via SMS? I've had issues from several sources.

When I had the opportunity I even verified that I couldn't get them delivered to another Vodafone number but could to a Spark number.

It turns out I miss Level 4 and 3 supermarket shopping. What a shitshow it is out there.

Also, has anyone seen my debit card?

Is there a worse word in the world than "mentee"?

I’m just getting ready for my first day of paid work in a year (pleasingly, not working and working both at my own choosing) and there are so many kids going past the gate on their way to school for the first time in 2 months. Good luck everyone!

This toot is in no way a direct test of notification behaviour. @amyherself

Every social network needs cat photos. This is Mr. Furbs. Mr. Furbs is a badass.

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