Well, KawaiiCon day 1 was good but still strange being in a room with lots of people. Impressively consistent (99.9%) mask wearing. Really great to see. The organisers have done a great job in the circumstances.

The passage of time is still weird. Is it also weird for people who were working from home prior to 2020?

I wonder how much worse the air is upstairs on a (this) double decker bus, far from the doors… thankful for my P2 mask after auto piloting upwards.

There is a reasonable argument that my new sleep routine (get up at 7:10am every day, bright lights) has actually made a positive difference even though it is still hard (and I did sleep in a bit on Friday).

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Also, now that I think about it,
* had brunch with friends
* bought some new clothes
* cooked 2 dinners
* washed an alarmingly huge pile of dishes
* laundry

Who knew it was possible for me to actually do things?!

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This long weekend I:
* finished making a big garden bed (just need to get soil delivered to fill it)
* improved some lawn drainage (hopefully),
* made some simple French cleat tool storage racks
* cut most of the parts for 5 workshop draws.

Very satisfying to complete some things and get to know some of my new tools. Most productive I've been in months.

Sometimes I'm writing with pen and paper and I find myself wanting to include a cry laugh face. ":joy:" just doesn't cut it.

CONSULTANT [ chuckling ]: Well, we prefer to think of it as a trolley OPPORTUNITY

The weird thing about deliberately adjusting my sleep patterns is that I have big chunks of the day for which I have no existing routine. Like 7-10am on a Sunday. It isn’t a problem but it is honestly quite odd to have no autopilot activity.


With a thunderstorm outside (so very little natural light) things are now a little too high-contrast. This is from my "web cam" (actually a full-sized camera) with my silly new light setup.

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Ideally I would get a bulb with colour temperature control for the light on the wall. Maybe one day.

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I'm waiting for a desk mount to arrive so I can point my large LED video light (I don't even remember why I own this thing) at my face in the mornings when I start work.

I'm hoping for improved sleep but may settle for better video quality.

UK politics 

I’ve got to imagine winning a no-confidence vote with his chums (because no alternative) is a short term victory and possibly a good thing for his opposition. No “fresh start” for the Tories. If only the opposition was more coherent/competent.

It hasn’t occurred to me that fogging glasses would be another barrier to FaceID but here we are. Another plus for high quality masks I suppose.

"In 1972, when the first Stockholm summit was hosted, Earth Overshoot Day, the date by which we’ve used up a year’s worth of sustainable resources, was December 10, later analysis showed. Last year it was July 29. This year’s, to be announced on Sunday, will no doubt fall much earlier in July. But those dates are for all countries, with poor developing countries with low footprints heavily subsidising wealthy developed ones."


Birthday and new phone day! My first has iPhone lasted from (I think) 2018 but sadly after a couple of unfortunate confrontations with concrete it is now held together by literal duct tape. I’ll be grateful for some improved battery life - even though I bought the mini version.

This doesn't mean you might not have a plan for what happens if that button is clicked, or that "bad thing" happens - but it is not the same plan.

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