Apparently this will arrive today. I have my doubts (no package scans since it left a facility in the USA ok the 25th).

I’m half expecting fragments of carbon fibre to be poured into my letterbox.

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I just explicitly asked my manager for feedback for what may be the first time in my working life.

Where do I collect my gold star?

Today is a “were those fake pills?” kind of a day.

I ordered a new tripod and ball-head from Amazon (because I lack moral fortitude).

The ball-head arrived today but the tripod legs are still struggling their way across the failed state that is the USA. I'm not sure which crisis is most likely to be contributing to delays - fire, pestilence or despot.

Is it just me, or does remote work make managing up harder?

Me and one other in this Wellington train carriage and we’re both wearing masks. Go us. Normalise masks!

Goodness me focus is tricky this week. It’s like other things are happening in the world that might be more important or something?

I had a fine weekend taking photos. First time I’ve felt enthusiastic about it in a while. Even got up pretty early on Saturday!

afternoon naps seem like they're going to be a great idea and then: they're not

Ugh. On Sunday I left an inside light on in my car.

On Tuesday I had a very flat battery and got an attempted jump start from road side assist.

On Wednesday (because I’m a fool) I decided the battery was just really flat so bought a charger and charged it for 24 hour.

Today I put it back in and while the battery works the car is still poked. The mechanic now tells me it is immobilised and stuck in a weird state where they may have to re-peer it with the keys.

Fucking computers.

Though I slept well and dreamed pleasantly, today is just me feeling bloody exhausted.

Just had a weird few minutes where all sounds were menacing. A feeling I associate with childhood fevers. Odd and unpleasant.

Also, what sort of bastard algorithm puts The Smiths after The Pixies - especially at this time of the morning. Have a heart.

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I start noticing the song more if the new one is something I know but feels out of context, less going from a song I know to one I don't.

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I'm experimenting with spotify again (to make life easier when switching between work and personal devices) and though I'm traditionally a full album listener, I'm beginning to understand one possible draw towards shuffled mixes: It's so much harder to let it drift into the background - my expectations keep being disrupted.

That sounds like a bad thing (it is when I'm trying to work) but I can see how it'd lead to closer listening too.

I can't decide if it is a good thing or a bad thing that I can wait until my first meeting of the day before getting out of my dressing gown (and into clothes!).

So I guess I now have advice and technical knowledge (and a considerable body of software) on how to deploy software into Openstack.

Is this something your company needs? Get in touch!

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