First Monday off (not working on any remaining 2021 Monday) and it is a fine thing. Interestingly, not because of today but because of the way I felt and what I did during the weekend proper. I was less protective of my time and energy and so did more of the things I wanted to do!

God damn. Making myself do things is like pushing treacle today.

Got distracted looking for a fidget cube. How’s your day going?

Came back at 2am. Oh the joy. Freezer was at approximately 0°. 😕

Also suggests I should get a more efficient freezer.

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Who needs electricity anyway? Power’s been out, or mostly out (very low voltage i think), since mid afternoon. Hopefully back before the freezer defrosts…

I'm pleased to report that throwing preposterous hardware at the problem has made my photo triage experience much much better.

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Luckily it doesn't do that weird things if the app on the laptop is fullscreen. Maybe macOS is just ashamed of the notch?

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New M1 MacBook Pro does a weird thing where when I focus an application on a secondary screen the primary one (the laptop) zooms out a little so it appears to have bigger bezels and no notch. Weird, irritating and I'm not sure how to turn it off!

Spoiled child behaviour 

It has arrived but I need to do work and take my wife to an optimist appointment and *waaaaaaah*

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It has made it to NZ! *impatiently looks out window for delivery van*

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I’m getting restless waiting for my new laptop to arrive. Apparently still in Shanghai but I’m checking the shipping details far too often.

Facebook apparently changing their corporate name to Meta which is an irritating use for a good word. Especially as I use Metatext app to access you lot.

Felt stressed. Took a nap. Felt great for a bit. Then less so. I think work is done for the day.

Vaccine appointments made for the household!

Top tip: "Lessions" may autocorrect to "lesions" which is not the same as "lessons".

Anyone have any reckons on home weather stations?

In other news, having two things to write is nice, because I can procrastinate on one by writing the other.

Frustratingly, I find 1 hour between $now and the next meeting isn't long enough to start writing. Feels like it'll be a waste of effort to spool in the context.

I spent the evening assembling furniture and now I have three shiny new bookcases, one of which has ill-fitting doors! Huge improvement to the room.

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