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In my day job I help staff and students at Victoria University of Wellington get access to research publications and materials. If you need help or have questions, please reach out. I'm happy to help using informal as well as formal channels.


Some local folks proving racism in cold hard numbers:

GLASS CEILINGS IN NEW ZEALAND UNIVERSITIES: Inequities in Māori and Pacific promotions and earnings.

Been here for a couple of months.

To be honest, my interest is fading; classic network economics, I suspect...

Thorne, H. (2020). Clearance and the Hollywood Blacklist. American Communist History, 19(1-2), 51-66.

Inducted into the dark arts of making taties in the popcorn maker...

#DOFH excuse #21:

Cassandra error warnings turned out to be true.

Last servers back on line after aborted DR test rollover.

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Library tech folks, which is the authoritative URL for looking up DOIs? or ?

HTTPS better from an end-user privacy point of view? / clearly non-authoritative URLs.

Anyone have any others? Or recommendations of which to use?

Nice, my paper "After Beall's 'List of predatory publishers': problems with the list and paths forward" is currently #1 in our repository...

Trying to work out how to legitimately quote a someone who's seriously cancelled and how to attribute.

Long story short, I think I need to find a woman who's written academically about the GPL.

Anyone know of any? Google scholar isn't helping me right now.


I have a drive-through COVID19 test scheduled for latter this morning.

Big props to the nursing staff who were clearly _very_ busy but still unfailingly helpful, polite and professional.


We have a handful of cases.

Hopefully there will only be a handful more.

Please take the time to follow the boring steps to break chains of transmission, Please take the time to report and block the trolls on social media.

Some days I'm really not sure I understand mastodon, because it doesn't work how I expect it to work...

anyone playing the new settlers of catan game on mobile?

Is there an intro to git document that doesn't use use 'master'?

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