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In my day job I help staff and students at Victoria University of Wellington get access to research publications and materials. If you need help or have questions, please reach out. I'm happy to help using informal as well as formal channels.


Can someone recommend a reasonable music streaming platform?

I'm not particularly fussy, just want random stuff to stream at work without the tracking and stuff

@aurynn if you're looking for a good XML editor, is meant to be really good. Lots of people in the TEI community love it.

Also if you're serious about learning XSLT, I'm happy to talk about it, and I've tutored programming languages and 2nd and 3rd year, so I can explain stuff to people.

So knows about
identifiers, but _really_ doesn't like you searching for them: used the non-standard form of

This is your regular reminder that public demonstrations are the #1 method of forcing software and configuration bugs to show themselves.

Demo your stuff regularly to diverse groups.

So my employer has a new website at that folks who are interested in such things may find interesting.

I may be a good person to (unofficially) ask questions of about said website.

Earthquake at 10:45 PM, 10 km east of Lower Hutt.
Magnitude 3.7, at a depth of 7.7 kilometres.
Modified Mercalli Intensity: IV (Light)

Sorry about that fire drill folks; it was as much a surprise to us wardens as it was to you.

Doubly sorry about being shouty getting you all out of the designated paths for fire engines to bowl bystanders; I was so flustered that I'd just dropped and cracked my phone.

Was about to mention rule 34 in a discussion, but googling it recalls some context that I had forgotten (or I didn't notice at the time).

I'm just going to quietly move on and stop talking about rule 34.

If you're still using rule 34 for anything, you need to seriously think about retiring it.

Anyone finding new weird links to in their very-old and unedited
reading lists?

RT @rustie5555
Deeply concerning. We will have negative MPs before the election at this rate.

awk linux 

awk ' BEGIN { FS = "" }
chksum = $1 * 8 + $2 * 7 + $3 * 6 + $4 * 5 + $6 * 4 + $7 * 3 + $8 * 2;
chk = (11 - (chksum % 11));
if (chk==11) {chk=0};
if (chk==10) {chk="X"};
if (chk==$9) {print ;}
} '

cw: first dress selfie, ec, boosts appreciated 

my first dress!!!!!!

how well do I pull this off?

no makeup, no HRT, no edits! just portrait mode on my phone

militarisation of education 

Pretty sure I don't want a world where finds clients...

The whole "Russian hackers stealing vaccine research data" thing would be upsetting to me if the whole "sars-cov-2 vaccine research is happening in secret" wasn't so absolutely enraging

shit! fuck!!!! if you make a webring of sites that are only accessible through tor, that's an onion ring!!!!!!

Computers never do anything we don't tell them to do

We should probably stop telling them to do things we don't want them to do

NZ politics 

Lots of folks* standing around the National stand in National T-shirts at student clubs day.

* young, white male folks, most of whom I don't trust to drive my car, let alone run the country.

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