That moment when you realise you’re dehydrated so starting have a drink of water.

Nek minnit, 1 L of water goes in. Oops.

I just remembered I have ice-cream in the freezer. Maybe today isn’t so bad...

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Tempted to follow someone on Twitter that I’ve never interacted with and have no idea who they are entirely because their bio’s a quote from Pride and Prejudice.

I am glad the number of replies to this tweet is low, since I actually get notifications for those.

Dealing with Drupal’s poor way of handling additional fields on entities leading to SQL scaling issues.

All it needs is to JOIN instead querying each individual field table

Asimov’s first law of robotics precludes the use of medical robots.

Working on a thing with a bunch of amazing people and it’s happening and it’s exciting and 😄😄😄

Turns out the IRD student loan summary is not build for overseas-based borrowers.

It’s missing a $6500 line item for interest for me that only exists because I’m overseas.

And it’s Vue getter wrapper apparently being slow now.

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Time to figure out why Chromium, and no other rendering engine (not even IE), is having problems with this requestAnimationFrame loop. Sigh.

Caught out by string.replace taking either a RegExp object or a literal string, rather than a RegExp object or a regex string, again. This may be my most common JS bug.

Added pronouns to my work email signature. How long until someone notices…

Managed to get work to pay for my chair without a doctor’s note :o (I required a doctor’s note for a sit/stand desk, which I could only get once the damage done to my back had become chronic)

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When a domain name registrar doesn’t publish how often they update WHOIS data, so no idea when a NS change will take place 😡

Trying to get work to get me a new chair (physio recommendation) and a new screen (that can actually show grey on white).

Time to see how long this takes...

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