Tonight’s forecasted storm has cancelled training (I guess we’ve run out of things to do in the shed for a bit), but the SES haven’t asked us to stand up crews in preparation.

Hopefully it’s a quiet enough night that we don’t need to be called out later.

Trying the Mastodon web app.

Really want a polished macOS one already.

Loving the scope creep of adding in new features to a "sprint" that finished development a year ago but is still waiting to be deployed, because management keep wanting things added to it

Time to find out how many people that know what I look like also watch ESA videos on Facebook.

I should’ve taken that shift in the Ember suit

If you’re in Canberra, come to Floriade this week! We’ve got AFDRS hats (for us) and updated fire danger magnets (if they’ve arrived) for you!

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Doing my first com ed shift today. Just a little terrified…

We're still in a pandemic. Stay safe, wear your mask, get vaccinated.

Even with only 2 out of the 4 cats being regular uses of the litter trays, we sure go through a lot of kitty litter

Did the introduction stuff with a mortgage broker. Not terrifying at all…

Time to find out if these decongestants I found in the medicine box work!

We’re being evicted and might move in with the in-laws temporarily until we can buy a house. But they can’t get the FttP upgrade :(

Sugar comes from a plant. Therefore sugar is a valid part of your 5+ a day.

I've signed up to walk 200km during October to help raise money to provide free period products for those that need them. Any (tax deductible in Australia) donation you can make towards my goal would be greatly appreciated!

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