Turns out my manager's surprised I built a feature to work the way that the client asked for 🤦‍♀️

My mother sent chocolate to my wife, but not to me.

I see how things are.

A reminder that being contemptuous or shitty about other people’s tech choices is an extremely bad look

Ugh, I'm getting designs where icons are physically centred but not visually centred and it's *frustrating*

That moment when you finally figure out why your WebGL doesn't seem to be rendering.

The model didn't include a light 🤦‍♀️

I really need a break, but work is back down to a bus factor of me :(

Ugh, the stupid ISP-provided router doesn’t do IPv6 properly so while my UniFi controller gets an IPv6 lease it can’t pass them on 😡

Got my UniFi Dream Machine setup very easily and is mostly working fine!

Just need to get it to do IPv6 now, not that the ISP-provided router makes that easy.

(They doubled down on their “joke” so got blocked, but this attitude getting into my social circle *really* pisses me off)

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Someone tried to start a browser war with me earlier this evening and I’m still ticked off. I thought we were past this, but apparently not.

Down side of working from home: work can't see how much time I waste context switching when they completely change my day.

Ordered my first UniFi product :o

(A dream machine, cause I don't have the budget for individual pieces of hardware)

I think one of their three DNS servers only does zone rebuilds every hour.


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Have I mentioned how much I don't like having to deal with shared hosts and WHM/cPanel recently?

I keep running out of chocolate and it's sad.

Is New Relic still the go to for getting application traces?

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