At the point where I don’t want to cook but also don’t want to spend money on dinner.

Every time this morning I’ve been about to get into my main project, I’ve been asked about a completely separate project. Now up to an hour of being distracted and still haven’t figured out what I was doing the first time I got distracted.

When your Varnish health probe and your site’s maintenance mode collide, so you’re unable to turn off maintenance mode.

That’s an oops.


The ACT has had it first COVID case in 102 days, due to a returning diplomat that got to avoid hotel quarantine.

We’re getting very few applications in Australia, so are currently going through the approval process to also look for a remote dev in New Zealand

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Know anyone in Australia looking for a PHP job? Please help reduce my workload

Apparently they enabled assertions for their test suite, thus completely missing the issue, because it improved code coverage 🤦‍♀️

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Holy crap, Doctrine put code with side-effects that are required to happen inside an assert() call.

So it gets ignored unless asserts are enabled.

At least this was picked up by CI rather than production…

Don’t you just love how every ORM is built for MySQL and its case-insensitive equality checks

Dealing with an API that seems to have the design of “Oh, that sounds like a good idea”

- Requests are signed, but only the query string part and there’s no nonce (so all POST/PUT/DELETE requests have the same signature)
- When creating a new resource, the submitter also generates the UUID for it
- The docs says that dates are yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.fff. The actual api returns `/Date(<unix timestamp>)/`
- API details appear auto-generated from source code. So is missing field descriptions.


In a 25 member parliament, we’re looking at 5 or 6 Greens members. Up from 2 at the last election. My social group is ecstatic.


The US is not good for my mental health.

Know anyone in Australia looking for a PHP job? Please help reduce my workload

> CREATE INDEX is a PostgreSQL language extension. There are no provisions for indexes in the SQL standard.

Wait, what?!

Oh, to be able to add comments to config and dependency management files to explain decisions.

That it’s possible to build GD without JPEG support without having to explicitly disable it just feels wrong

@aurynn The government agencies they’re pitching to definitely don’t need data sovereignty, so why would anyone else?

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