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We're hiring! @warpdotdev@twitter.com is looking for a Chief of Staff who can be a force multiplier across the business. You would work closely with me and @michlimlim@twitter.com on growth, go-to-market, community, product and more!

Learn more and apply at warp.freshteam.com/jobs/-av2gG

🐦🔗: twitter.com/zachlloydtweets/st

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Tech giants need to be pushed to make it easy for users to leave, or to use other tools to interact with their data without leaving entirely. Tell your representatives to pass the ACCESS Act act.eff.org/action/tell-your-r

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The story about "tortured phrases" as a tell for fabricated academic papers is mildly interesting to me, but somehow I'm finding the phrases themselves completely fascinating.

The idea is that common terms have been replaced with words that individually sorta mean the same thing but don't add up the same at all.

Big data > Colossal information
Artificial intelligence > Counterfeit consciousness
Cloud computing > Haze figuring
Signal to noise > Flag to commotion
Random value > Irregular esteem

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But seriously folks, freezing to old versions of everything isn't as much of a virtue as old RHELish marketing might've led us to believe: madaidans-insecurities.github.

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ok somehow it's my birthday AGAIN so I'm doing what I did last time this happened: if you're one of the first five people to send me a receipt for at least $300 donated to one of the orgs listed below I'll send you one of these weird handmade mechanical keyboards I build


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I made a Twitter account recently with the intention to just sync everything over there and not really look at it all that much but the sync part seems to be harder then I thought. So do any of you know a good method that still works well or have Twitters bot detections become to aggressive to do it? #askfedi

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[FOSS/Work Toot]

As part of my work with Project OCEAN (a collaboration between Google and the University of Vermont Complex Systems Center), we're running a series of workshops to create and define a set of schema to define what contributions we value in open source communities.

Remember hatrack stuff I rant about occasionally? Now I work with a team of experts, and we want your help to work on a common lexicon of stuff in FOSS that's not just code.



People getting excited about anti-aging research are mostly thinking about their own lives, but here's a more important benefit:

My toots actually _are_ those of my employer, but please don't tell her I'm using them. She thinks I'm just taking them out for a walk

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As someone in my discord server said - “the best way to make politicians anti-facial recognition might be to use it on them”.

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Migrated to cloudisland from libretooth.gr/@silico_biomance.

Check there for old toots

(Turns out it was a Georgian instance, which is unfortunate given I don't read Georgian)

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