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Join us for another #SummerSchool presentation!

22:00 UTC

Will be sharing computational textual analytics with us

(I'm excited cause I do the Old Man Reads For Long Time version and this seems like an interesting method!)

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Ever wonder how computers can help us better interpret texts? @sam_hames will be giving a talk on just that on Wed. 07.27 @ 22:00 UTC!

"This talk will outline a vision for a computational text analytics that embraces and enables interpretive inquiry without aiming to replace the necessary work of close reading."

See the full list of talks & sign up:


I am enjoying picking which @SummerSchool talks to go to - the vibes are good.

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This is very uncomfortable for me to work with him on my lap like this. But he fell asleep so I guess there's nothing I can do.

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Summer School 

So you'll be seeing a few toots around about Summer School (aka Winter School), running for 2 weeks from 25 July.

It's a free, fedi-run online conference that's in its 3rd year. It's come out of the instance but it's for everyone. Seriously, it's a gem of the fediverse.

You can present (on anything), help moderate, or just come along to some talks. There will be something in everyone's time zone.

I'm helping organise this year and we're inviting presenter submissions until July 1. AMA

#summerschool #summerschool2022

Reminding myself that I am neither a designer nor a front end developer today...

Academic assimilation 

Nearly wrote problematise unironically. Three weeks as an academic and already I'm being absorbed.


Absolutely being judged for still being in bed.

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