And it's official, I have submitted my PhD!

PhD: Submitted. Assuming I didn't mess up any of the formatting requirements...


Ah yes, time to run my thesis through ithenticate, so it can tell me that my thesis does in fact contain my own publications.


So in exciting news, yesterday my supervisor said my thesis looks like a thesis now. I should be submitting next week all going well!


He also sits perfectly aligned with the door of the fridge, so you can open and close the fridge without perturbing him.

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We bought him a new toy - he has been absolutely obsessed, to the point where we had to put it somewhere he can't open (the cupboard behind him). Now he waits patiently on top of the fridge, waiting for us to bring out the chosen toy.

phd writing 

I estimate I'm 2000-3000 words from getting everything into the thesis and written in actual words.

I'm still planning on one more revision round for the introduction, and of course editing, but it's beginning to feel close.


Ah yes, looks perfectly comfortable there buddy.

phd writing 

Thesis writing progress: I have all of the content (at least in note form) in the document and it seems very short...

(I do not recommend a multi-year hiatus though - please avoid at all costs!)

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One nice thing about a multi-year hiatus before trying to finish your phd: when people who cite you and make the argument you want to make in your thesis for you.

Yesterday I thought it was Wednesday, today I thought it was Thursday. At least I'm consistent 🙃.

Covid lockdown 

In retrospect this has been a bad week to be lazy about grocery shopping.

@betsybookworm also thank you for the belly fur picture, have a sleepy suspicious Groot as thanks.

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