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COVID, Stress 

Screams into void while trying to work without yelling at anyone or crying.

Knowing I’m feeling the impacts of lockdown isn’t at all helping deal with those feelings.

I have shiny* new dbx 286s that I’d really love to set up and put inline with my mic, but my 6.35mm TRS to XLR adapter (so I can actually hook it up) hasn’t been scanned since it was dropped off at a post office on Monday.

Of course I have many XLR cables but somehow nothing with 6.35mm (well, other than a 2xRCA to 6.5mm, but that’s not super helpful here)

Start of day Yesterday me: I’m going to work on this compliance thing of evaluating network vulnerability scanners.

Start of today me: I guess I’m just going to tackle these 6 post it notes of writing a post incident review, creating jira tickets, interview notes, and … I guess that thing was going to do yesterday isn’t going to happen today either. Oh well.

Just finished The Good Place, and oh my the feels.

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Live-stream Q&A about the Australian Census (privacy, gender questions, etc.) Friday August 6, 14:30 AEST. Should be a great conversation; I recommend everyone check it out if available!
RT @bendechrai
I'm really excited to have a great lineup of guests to talk about #census #Census2021 #Census2021au tomorrow 💪

Join @attacus_au, @sauramaia, @samfloreani and me, for discussions on paper versus online, differences in questions, #…

Life of a team lead as described by GitHub activity visualisation.

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Asking LGBTQ+ people only:

What's your view of the word "queer" in the context of describing LGBTQ+ people?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Pretty happy with my “office” corner of the living room.

Just don’t look under the desk.

Got this after I signed up for a vision mixing app-as-a-service to see whether it’s worth suggesting for the events I help out with.

Holy cow is it creepy that this person went looking enough to think I’m a professional developer (I’m a infra team lead, but ok).

Also no way I’d ever trust a service that suspends first for any event I’m involved in.

Ok fine, I wrote it myself. At least it is done now!

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Ok, I’m going to get this cryptographic key lifecycle policy written and then I’m done for the week.

Anyone want to write that for me? 😀

Mental Health / COVID 

Usually the whole lock down thing doesn’t get to me, but knowing it’s going to be extended again is just… I can’t deal with this.


Whoever at Woolworths decided to play their own “that’s why I love you blah blah Woolworths the fresh food people” song instead of hold music on a loop when callers have 30 minute plus hold times is a (insert rage I’ll regret later).

Interviewing a candidate in a couple of minutes.

Does this ever become fun to do?

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Compliance audit season again - wonder how many policies I will write this time.

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