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Gosh is Metatext a really nice client for iOS.

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This is an incredibly well presented talk, and my current #lca2021 favourite. Kudos to!

"Radio Astronomy for Programmers"

After I once again feel weird and miss the helping with bump out and “travelling home” closure.

Much like before it, it’s been a part of my life for the last few months (and I’m just an AV type, I can’t imagine how much more this would hit the amazing organisers) and it feels weird that it’s just “unplug the extra computers on my desk and ... watch tv I guess?”

From a couple of days before Christmas 2019 while staying in a tiny house in Pt Chev. I really wouldn’t object to working from home with this view at the end of the street!

Assembled part of a new desk today, and now realise I’d love the floor to look like it too.

My cat would like to point out that my computer would work better if I plugged in the cables.

Random thought: I really wish the scheduling feature in PagerDuty was better. Ended up making a spreadsheet to make sure we had coverage and no one was on call too much, which I wouldn’t mind doing but then there’s no way to just say “screw the automatic schedule, I’ll do it myself with this group of people”.

Only a couple of hours to go until I get 12 days in a row without being on call 🤗

I’m so looking forward to not lugging my work machine around!

I thought I’d try out AWS Managed Prometheus.

Point my local k8s cluster at it (using the Prometheus chart) with only two apps running: $33/day.

I guess I’m sticking with my self-managed Prometheus 😂

TIL: I can make a Shortcut to set the wallpaper on my phone from any Share sheet... and how happy am I that I don’t need to keep a wallpapers album in my photo library now!

Docker for Mac & Parallels on the M1 Air are both surprisingly good even for first preview versions.

They highlight how much I want >16GB machines to be available though before I can justify one as a work machine. (Work usage would be mostly for on call, so cloud consoles & maybe pushing git commits, but sometimes being able to run our 3musketeers tasks is rather useful)

Be a team lead they said. It’ll be fun they said.

Could they have mentioned how utterly terrifying it would be to do PCI audit interviews with your boss watching as you fail to remember where all the things are hiding across the hundred different aws services that provide the evidence required?

35 degrees outside, 25 inside. Yeah, I think this having AC installed was a good idea.


Phew. Self isolation over. (Only 24 hours. Not at all difficult since I’m sick so didn’t want to go anywhere anyway).

Insert thoughts here. (This sitting around waiting for air conditioning installers to arrive, an hour late, isn’t good for my “I don’t know what I’m doing and can’t take a day off work so need them to get in and be done”)

I’m being reverse Oprah “you don’t get prod access and you don’t get prod access and you don’t get prod access”. (Well, definitely not without using SAML anyway.)

Tomorrow I start a new role as team lead (same company), for a brand new team.

I should probably have made some kind of backlog or something.

Ported the number in my iPhone 12 back to Telstra on a plan that offers 5G: 542 Mbps down, 66 Mbps up (on street outside where I live).

5G on this phone feels a lot like 4G/LTE on the 5: yeah not everywhere yet, but it will be.

Today is my last day as an individual contributor. Monday will be interesting.

I had meetings, except for lunch, from 9:30 to 4:30 today.

This probably also explains why I keep finding tabs with my calendar open in them. (Last time I did a sweep I closed 5 of them, and then a couple of hours later found another 5.)

I miss spending time in San Francisco. I think, until seeing it on YouTube yesterday, that I hadn’t realised how much seeing the view out of a car on the ride into the city felt like going home.

It’s never been home, although in a way it was (I spent a lot of time there for work).

I’m not at that job anymore, so even without the current situation I don’t know when I’d be able to get there again. Or even if it would feel the same way without the people I’m used to seeing.

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