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I had meetings, except for lunch, from 9:30 to 4:30 today.

This probably also explains why I keep finding tabs with my calendar open in them. (Last time I did a sweep I closed 5 of them, and then a couple of hours later found another 5.)

I miss spending time in San Francisco. I think, until seeing it on YouTube yesterday, that I hadn’t realised how much seeing the view out of a car on the ride into the city felt like going home.

It’s never been home, although in a way it was (I spent a lot of time there for work).

I’m not at that job anymore, so even without the current situation I don’t know when I’d be able to get there again. Or even if it would feel the same way without the people I’m used to seeing.

Aw, got called a snowflake for the first time on the bird site.

Like... why yes I am unique and pretty, thanks for noticing.

Autopsy, Cancer, Death 

The Slow, Troubling Death of the Autopsy

Fascinating read. Part of me wishes this had been an option for my mother when she passed away (18 months after a cancer diagnosis). Mostly because maybe it would help care for others at their end of life.

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@patrick I'll hopefully have a TestFlight together for it, once I have a working alpha

The birds are safe (they know she is there and will move away if she gets any closer), but this is just one reason why my adorable killing machine is an indoor only killing machine. (Where the only thing she can kill is the carpet by vomiting up hairballs every now and then)


Oh hey, it’s that time of day when I feel nauseous for no apparent reason that might be a symptom of something but might just be not eating enough before taking my Ritalin this morning.

Outside is warm and very smokey, and it’s only September.

(All hazard reduction burns I believe, but the air quality is awful)

The last two days, running a pyconline au stream vs today playing mario kart with the niece & nephew.

Ok, I get that I asked something a little silly, but what on earth is an s byte?


Tickets for Hamilton in Sydney next year acquired.

Hey person who keeps trying to use my email address on Tinder: please stop. I’m going to keep clicking the “wasn’t me, remove this address” button each time I get the verification email.

Hopefully not a sign of how today is going to go: click join on a zoom call, computer kernel panics.

I spent yesterday writing a small file uploaded “app” to allow uploading large files to Azure Storage, but without needing to proxy the files being uploaded.

Turns out this is fairly straightforward to do, but finding out how was definitely not the best experience. Figuring out how to use generateBlobSASQueryParameters is probably the best example. (I ended up reading the source code - the docs, even the types... nope.)

My involvement at conferences is primarily as a volunteer, but: same deal.

I’m likely not going to have the influence to change lineups, but I will not stand by and do nothing, so the least I can do then is withdraw my free labour.

If you don’t know me, and don’t want to trust me with details - please feel free to reach out through a mutual you trust instead, I will trust them and not require they pass on any information you don’t want them to.

I want to find an internal IT ops person who cares as much about endpoint security and simplifying the user experience as I do.

MDM? DEP? Security Guides? Compliance?


by great I mean awful. I shouldn’t have looked, it’s not like I can interpret these pictures anyway

(The ultrasound images had measurements/labels that meant i could more easily interpret them)

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Downside of going for a CT scan of my abdomen, and getting the prints?

I now have many pictures that show the, er, layer of fat.

Which is _great_ for for feeling good about myself.

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