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I spent yesterday writing a small file uploaded “app” to allow uploading large files to Azure Storage, but without needing to proxy the files being uploaded.

Turns out this is fairly straightforward to do, but finding out how was definitely not the best experience. Figuring out how to use generateBlobSASQueryParameters is probably the best example. (I ended up reading the source code - the docs, even the types... nope.)

My involvement at conferences is primarily as a volunteer, but: same deal.

I’m likely not going to have the influence to change lineups, but I will not stand by and do nothing, so the least I can do then is withdraw my free labour.

If you don’t know me, and don’t want to trust me with details - please feel free to reach out through a mutual you trust instead, I will trust them and not require they pass on any information you don’t want them to.

I want to find an internal IT ops person who cares as much about endpoint security and simplifying the user experience as I do.

MDM? DEP? Security Guides? Compliance?


by great I mean awful. I shouldn’t have looked, it’s not like I can interpret these pictures anyway

(The ultrasound images had measurements/labels that meant i could more easily interpret them)

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Downside of going for a CT scan of my abdomen, and getting the prints?

I now have many pictures that show the, er, layer of fat.

Which is _great_ for for feeling good about myself.

Anxiety, hospitals, masks 

While waiting for a CT scan today, in a hospital gown, I had a I don’t know... something in the anxiety/panic attack realm.

I took off my mask, because I felt that doing so would help me breathe and calm down.

It worked.


As soon as it did, I put the mask back on.

The mask wasn’t the problem (of course). The cannula that had been put in my arm, the uncertainty of the CT, and anxiety about what the results might be: those were the problem.

Health & mood 

Good news: I have white coat hypertension! (My blood pressure spikes when I go to the doctors. I wore a monitor for 24 hours to learn this and be sure I don’t need to take medication.

Meh news: my annual ultrasound to check my liver has triggered a CT scan this year. A little bit worried about that even though it’s probably nothing.

Crap news: a resignation at work that I’m super bummed about.

I’ve been using the same wifi network name for 16 years… I wonder if i should change it at some point.

Cat, on blanket, pretty sure dinner (not for 3 hours) will never arrive so might as well nap some more.

Downside of small couriers like Fastway/Aramex: I know that the guy who has to go and pick up my parcel from the pickup place and deliver it is the same guy who claimed no one was home this morning.

(My doorbell has logs to prove delivery was not attempted.)

Bonus of the whole work from home thing?

My Mac Pro is a deduction now.

(Ok, a %, and based on depreciation etc etc)

My first ever international flight was on a Thai Airways 747 (I was 13, AKl-SYD), and the lovely check in crew upgraded me to business so I got to sit upstairs (w/ my grandparents who got the flight with miles).

These planes will always have a special place I my memories.

Relisted my 2019 15” MacBook Pro because the winner of the auction changed their mind :/

(If we are mutuals, or friend-of-mutual and you know someone in Australia who could use this machine, DM me.)

My spare time involves a lot of compiling code for arm64 because... I have unusual hobbies I guess.

(One is making sure that the software & libraries I care about don’t get lost in the transition to Apple Silicon)

Oh good.

eBay user wins auction. Send email saying “oh no mistake can cancel please?”

Like yeah, but now when I relist I won’t get the offer I had from eBay (so I’ll have to pay $300 in fees, if it even goes for as much, and so I’ll likely get even less).

So I guess I’m reporting this user to eBay :/

I had to get up early and not have any coffee or breakfast until after two appointments, but at least I got to enjoy the walk there.

Writing a minimal test case for amazon Linux 2 installing the wrong version of docker.

Very much missing inspec right now.

Reducing spending 

A few years ago my husband and I did a thing we called “the year of less” - the idea was to spend less money & not add more things (so new things could be bought but they had to be paid for by selling old things)

I think it’s time to do this again, but I know that I need some way to stick to it, and that probably involves making myself accountable to not sticking to it.

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