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Pleasantly surprised that I can enable phantom power when choosing the podmic profile on the rodecaster pro.

Because that means I can also use a fethead 😍

I wish companies that sold things online with delivery allowed me to provide feedback on the shipping.

“AusPost, 20% of the time, don’t attempt delivery, meaning I need to add $100 to the price I’m paying to cover the time I need to take off work to go and collect this item. I’ll buy from someone who uses another delivery option next time.”

Instead I complain to auspost and the retailer remains blissfully unaware.

“Attempted delivery - Unable to gain access”

No you didn’t.

There are no lockable doors between the street and my first floor apartment. None of the other delivery drivers have this problem.

Oh well, guess I’ll see if it shows up tomorrow.

Went to doctor. Left with 5 tests / appointments to do. Oh good :/

On the plus side I’ve had the flu vaccine. On the negative side either that or the lack of sleep or the sun on the way to/from the doctors has left me feeling like crap. Shame there isn’t room on my desk to nap with my cat.

From Twitter, “tell me why you went in to your field in 5 words or less”:

I like buying computers.

You know things are going well when you get a bunch of errors in assembly.

All I want is fish, but dependencies are fun.


Not actually sure what the 7th thing was. Maybe it didn’t exist?

Anyway, my phones are now delightfully new colours (work fine is now encased in “tangerine”, personal phone in “linen”)

3/7 deliveries have arrived, all I want is today to be over so I can play with them all.

My week started with opening a support case with AWS to find out why one of my packer builds (amazon Linux 2) got docker 19.something instead of the 18.something specified in the install command.

I’d like to go back to my weekend :/

Cat picture because I’m just not ready for the weekend to be over and having to do work again tomorrow.

Turns out Ikea sells a photo frame that perfectly fits the post cards available at the Apple Park Visitor Center :D

Playing around with Qubes, with an actual install.

It’s surprisingly usable (although I haven’t yet tried to get my yubikey for web / gpg (for git/ssh) running.

On the weekend I repeatedly lifted a 4 year old into the air.

Now I’m in pain because 4 year olds are heavy enough that I should warm up before being the fun uncle.

Expectations. Gah.

11am: “Order dispatched with same day delivery”

5pm: call courier “that hasn’t been picked up yet”

Ah. So not same day delivery at all. Good.

Made it through an entire work day in the office today.

I think my limit is going to be one day a week for the next little while.

Main win is just a chance of scenery.

I’m alone in the office (first time here since March, had to do the monthly trip to pick up the Ritalin from the pharmacy by the office).

It’s weird and quiet.

I’m taking this opportunity to install network firmware updates, so at least it’s useful.

That feeling when you missed “blacklist” and “whitelist” when a migration from database A to B was being coded and now wish you had so you could have said “let’s take this opportunity to change that”.

I’ll still say it, but likely will need to wrangle it as a second migration now.

Rare visit from a sulphur crested cockatoo today.

We don’t feed them, and usually the rainbow lorikeets harass them so they don’t stick around anyway.

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