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Not going to lie, I want a Shure SM7b.

Do I use a microphone for anything except Zoom? Of course not.

Do I wish I did? You bet.

Will that change? Probably not.

Would an SM7b be an utter waste of money? Of course.

Am I going to buy one anyway? (I want to say no. I’m actually really happy with my PodMic. Keeps telling myself that things won’t make me happy.)

I wish AWS Identity Providers could specify a login URL so when my session times out I don’t need to open a new tab, initiate sign in from work again, and then reload the original tab (so I don’t lose the page I was on).

Wrote a python script to flash a boot loader using xmodem over serial to a device that can’t handle the xmodem packets split across USB packets (because tiny USB-serial implentation I guess)

Achievement unlocked I guess.

Me: how do I install pip on amazon Linux 2 using ansible?

Google: here’s how to install ansible on amazon linux

Me: (every variant of this I can think of)

Google: here’s how to install ansible on amazon linux

Me: (gives up)

And now the look of betrayal because I feed the birds on the balcony and yet she hasn’t eaten in days (she claims)

(You have all now seen most of her emotions. She can also be very sweet and adorable. After she has had dinner.)

Someone is not happy that dinner isn’t going to dispense for another two hours.

Here we have hungrius catus in her natural environment, trying her best to convince us that the magical food dispenser is broken and did not produce the expected second and third breakfasts.

Why hello there exciting new mastodon server πŸ˜€

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