@sitharus I’m not at all happy about this. Well, or the than I have a single calendar event “not available for meetings” (9am-6pm) so I might make some headway on my todo list.

I’ve been awake since 3:45am (hooray production incident), this does not make dealing with a frustrating and disappointing iPhone ordering process easy to deal with. Thanks brain.

@leigh youtu.be/Nu-qbqWE08o my first, I mean the clock’s first, PyCon AU YouTube appearance!

(Ok Libby is absolutely the genius and the clock was just kind of amazed to be a part of it)

@leigh (looks around nervously) just making sure the clock looked their best at all times when on stage, yeah that sounds plausible, I’ll go with this 😀

Wrapped up the last of my AV things for PyCon AU 2021, time to put this stuff back into work mode for tomorrow.

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Hi Peeps! the number of submissions for for the #GLAM miniconf is looking a little sad 😥 If you are doing anything awesome in the Tech/GLAM space you should totally submit something. We want to hear from you! #FOSS #GLAM

Submit here! linux.conf.au/programme/minico

@hugh that’s why my rule for anyone introducing Python in my team is “Include a Dockerfile if it needs anything not included on basic macOS box. Even then… Docker.”

@leigh I… am still working through the set (hooray pandemic :/) it came with (A 3 pack comes with 6 adhesive stickers).

I think you could always just cut some suitable skin safe double sided tape though.

There’s also rode.com/accessories/vampire_c but I, er, wouldn’t recommend using that directly on skin (if a person did I would very much say “that’s yours now” and not ask for it back)

@leigh when I do meet ups I have rode.com/accessories/invisilav with me (but this only helps if the lav is a rode one I guess)

Grief, Parents 

Nearly 12 years later and seeing someone grieve for a parent having died recently of cancer just takes me right back. Emotionally just … bam.

Gosh I feel awful for anyone who has to experience this during these times of restricted travel.

People camping in bad weather is a category of video I enjoy watching on YouTube. (With appropriate gear etc)

Chancing on one from New Zealand just makes me happy in a way I find hard to explain. (I miss NZ, and I miss the people there)

@aurynn good morning, and a random thank you for cloud island!

@aurynn one cat, slightly hungry but will tolerate cuddles in exchange for kibble.

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