@car I was setting up a netgear wifi thingy recently and I was annoyed it didn’t have a “seriously, if I forget this I’ll do a factory reset” option.

(I’ve done two of those and had use TFTP to recover a failed firmware update, so uh… yeah this is going to recycling I think)

@betsybookworm mine (in the words of the vet) “stress pooped” once (I shouldn’t laugh, but…)

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This is an incredibly well presented talk, and my current #lca2021 favourite. Kudos to @TheMartianLife@twitter.com!

"Radio Astronomy for Programmers" youtu.be/P4UiWbUVaaM

@platypus I failed one by saying “ask (appropriate internal team)” (can’t recall if that was HR/Ethics/manager now, maybe I should have paid more attention 😂)

@simon_w I have wanted this for long enough I’m now betting I’ll get it by changing the firewall I use to something else

@hugh I wrangle docker containers with systemd. I’m not sure what this says about my personality 😹

@ewenmcneill I think so.

I know a few people in Sydney decided to get together at a pub afterwards... Unfortunately my brain was “You didn’t warn me about this. Too hard. Traffic. Too many people.” so I didn’t go along.

@aurynn 👋🏻 from somewhat overcast but still a little bit warm Sydney

After I once again feel weird and miss the helping with bump out and “travelling home” closure.

Much like before it, it’s been a part of my life for the last few months (and I’m just an AV type, I can’t imagine how much more this would hit the amazing organisers) and it feels weird that it’s just “unplug the extra computers on my desk and ... watch tv I guess?”

@leigh @Purpledev sadly I only got to watch your talk on my multiview - I look forward to being able to watch it with audio (I was supposed to be paying attention to the room I was AV tech-ING, so couldn’t really justify switching the audio to it)

@saera @hugh @Bonnie i really enjoyed all the talks - hopefully I get to be part of the AV again next year.

From a couple of days before Christmas 2019 while staying in a tiny house in Pt Chev. I really wouldn’t object to working from home with this view at the end of the street!

Assembled part of a new desk today, and now realise I’d love the floor to look like it too.

My cat would like to point out that my computer would work better if I plugged in the cables.

Random thought: I really wish the scheduling feature in PagerDuty was better. Ended up making a spreadsheet to make sure we had coverage and no one was on call too much, which I wouldn’t mind doing but then there’s no way to just say “screw the automatic schedule, I’ll do it myself with this group of people”.

Only a couple of hours to go until I get 12 days in a row without being on call 🤗

I’m so looking forward to not lugging my work machine around!

I thought I’d try out AWS Managed Prometheus.

Point my local k8s cluster at it (using the Prometheus chart) with only two apps running: $33/day.

I guess I’m sticking with my self-managed Prometheus 😂

TIL: I can make a Shortcut to set the wallpaper on my phone from any Share sheet... and how happy am I that I don’t need to keep a wallpapers album in my photo library now!

Docker for Mac & Parallels on the M1 Air are both surprisingly good even for first preview versions.

They highlight how much I want >16GB machines to be available though before I can justify one as a work machine. (Work usage would be mostly for on call, so cloud consoles & maybe pushing git commits, but sometimes being able to run our 3musketeers tasks is rather useful)

@sitharus service provider not a merchant, so not all sections apply thank jeebus.

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