@aurynn it’s rather wet in this part of the West Island, but it’s Saturday and I love the rain so I’m not complaining 😀

If you wanted a DevOps role to be found by people in NZ where would you post it? (Asking for a friend who is in fact me)

I'm reading Amazon’s SOC 2 report and reviewing/signing off on our complementary user-entity controls and … I definitely deserve a lot of chocolate.

@sitharus this one is a public holiday here, so I’m going to allow this one to be.

My opinion next Monday is likely to be different.

@sitharus depends, how chaotic evil are you feeling today?

@Br3nda I used a Sonos Playbase for a while, and was fairly happy with it (with a pair of Sonos One’s for surround), replacing wired systems I had owned before.

These days I just use an Apple TV + two HomePod minis because turns out that sounds just fine to me (when watching TV I couldn’t tell you the sound was from them and not the b&w speakers I use for music).

@sitharus I’m currently enjoying using some time in lieu for a page from a couple of weeks ago (we changed to a minimum of 2 hours for any out-of-hours pages, which applies to both time in lieu and extra pay)

birdsite, misgendering, "allies" 

@daisy that “can’t have nice things” totally destroyed any remaining interest I had in giving the “ally” the benefit of the doubt about intent.

(Even without that the hurt is obvious to me, misgendering is misgendering even as part of a bit or a joke)

Tomorrow has two interviews - one where I interview a candidate, one where I’m being interviewed (internal position, doubt I’ll get it, not sure what I’ll do if I don’t, I think it might be time to talk to some people internally about some other options)


@sitharus 😂

Ugh, this is the thing I have to figure out when I eventually move back to NZ (although my ADHD brain would probably just try and put this off and justify flying back to Sydney to pick up repeats every month and to see my psychologist every few months and … I realise this isn’t a solution but the alternative would be hard and scary and this is why I may never move again :/)

@Ben@bne.social if I wasn’t sick I might have managed to. The most I could get was “when it’s resolved we can look at an apple branded accessory from the store” (I already own any accessories I might want, so this isn’t actually a compelling offer)

@Ben@bne.social that has always been my experience, but today my customer specialist called me back and said “June 3rd. Nothing I can do.”

Well, the only remaining option was physical mail to an address in Singapore which I find… odd.

AusPost won’t investigate this until June 3rd, which means Apple won’t either, despite saying “2-4 business days” (which was 2 weeks ago already)

I guess don’t bother with AppleCare, utterly useless. Will do absolutely nothing to help even though they are the ones who sent the replacement using AusPost not me. What am I even paying for?

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@sitharus I did this. I’ve learnt now that I just need to switch which thing I’m using every few months and hope that the things that get dropped weren’t that important to start with.

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me: I would like to finish some tasks on my TODO list

my ADHD: Absolutely not


@dznz I’m ok with not. (For example I bought Baby Driver to rewatch just before the allegations came to my attention. I still haven’t watched it again.)


@sitharus I love that I have to guess at 8am if there’s going to be something in the upcoming day that could cause a panic attack and if that’ll be worse than just being kind of useless for a day.

I’m so glad to be here. If there’s anything I can do to either help it grow or help keep it sustainable, please shout out (other than upgrading to a higher tier, which I figure I can do easily enough so just did 😂)

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