The birds are safe (they know she is there and will move away if she gets any closer), but this is just one reason why my adorable killing machine is an indoor only killing machine. (Where the only thing she can kill is the carpet by vomiting up hairballs every now and then)

The last two days, running a pyconline au stream vs today playing mario kart with the niece & nephew.

Ok, I get that I asked something a little silly, but what on earth is an s byte?


Tickets for Hamilton in Sydney next year acquired.

Health & mood 

Good news: I have white coat hypertension! (My blood pressure spikes when I go to the doctors. I wore a monitor for 24 hours to learn this and be sure I don’t need to take medication.

Meh news: my annual ultrasound to check my liver has triggered a CT scan this year. A little bit worried about that even though it’s probably nothing.

Crap news: a resignation at work that I’m super bummed about.

Cat, on blanket, pretty sure dinner (not for 3 hours) will never arrive so might as well nap some more.

I had to get up early and not have any coffee or breakfast until after two appointments, but at least I got to enjoy the walk there.

Cat picture because I’m just not ready for the weekend to be over and having to do work again tomorrow.

Turns out Ikea sells a photo frame that perfectly fits the post cards available at the Apple Park Visitor Center :D

Rare visit from a sulphur crested cockatoo today.

We don’t feed them, and usually the rainbow lorikeets harass them so they don’t stick around anyway.

And now the look of betrayal because I feed the birds on the balcony and yet she hasn’t eaten in days (she claims)

(You have all now seen most of her emotions. She can also be very sweet and adorable. After she has had dinner.)

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