COVID, Test result 

Next week I had:

* record a webinar with AWS
* my birthday
* office party for work’s “birthday”

Which turns out was too tempting for the universe.

I’m liking this laptop stand, but now my stickers are upside down :(

My Bella arrived, and I accidentally walked out of the office with a bow on my head so what else to do but accessorise

I’m ready for - I’ll be doing AV for the Yuma Theatre stage (that’s the kernel mini conf today).

Fire (hazard reduction) 

“Smells like smoke, pretty hazy too”

Opens Fires Near Me


(All hazard reduction, but ~1km away, and there are two more - 4 and 8km away)

Wrapped up the last of my AV things for PyCon AU 2021, time to put this stuff back into work mode for tomorrow.

Little thing to make my day brighter: add to the digital signage rotation on the Zoom Rooms machine on my desk.

Life of a team lead as described by GitHub activity visualisation.

Pretty happy with my “office” corner of the living room.

Just don’t look under the desk.

Got this after I signed up for a vision mixing app-as-a-service to see whether it’s worth suggesting for the events I help out with.

Holy cow is it creepy that this person went looking enough to think I’m a professional developer (I’m a infra team lead, but ok).

Also no way I’d ever trust a service that suspends first for any event I’m involved in.

Actually waiting at a gate to get on a plane. First time since flying home from LCA2021.

From a couple of days before Christmas 2019 while staying in a tiny house in Pt Chev. I really wouldn’t object to working from home with this view at the end of the street!

Assembled part of a new desk today, and now realise I’d love the floor to look like it too.

My cat would like to point out that my computer would work better if I plugged in the cables.

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