Cat picture because I’m just not ready for the weekend to be over and having to do work again tomorrow.

Turns out Ikea sells a photo frame that perfectly fits the post cards available at the Apple Park Visitor Center :D

Rare visit from a sulphur crested cockatoo today.

We don’t feed them, and usually the rainbow lorikeets harass them so they don’t stick around anyway.

And now the look of betrayal because I feed the birds on the balcony and yet she hasn’t eaten in days (she claims)

(You have all now seen most of her emotions. She can also be very sweet and adorable. After she has had dinner.)

Someone is not happy that dinner isn’t going to dispense for another two hours.

Here we have hungrius catus in her natural environment, trying her best to convince us that the magical food dispenser is broken and did not produce the expected second and third breakfasts.

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