Insert a long rambling rant about Apple choosing Parcel Post (not Express) to ship an Express Replacement device, auspost not scanning it for a week and refusing to do anything until June 6th.

I… don’t like the lack of control I have in this situation and that I can’t even throw money at it to resolve (because I can’t mentally close this until the device either shows up or apple consider it lost)

AusPost won’t investigate this until June 3rd, which means Apple won’t either, despite saying “2-4 business days” (which was 2 weeks ago already)

I guess don’t bother with AppleCare, utterly useless. Will do absolutely nothing to help even though they are the ones who sent the replacement using AusPost not me. What am I even paying for?

@patrick 😢

It seems like the “Express” in “Express Replacement” means “Forward”, as in “not delayed until after your returned device arrives” rather than “speedy” :-/

But parcel post. In a pandemic?!

Hopefully the slow delivery arrives soon!

@ewenmcneill in the scheme of things it’s not that bad, it’s more the combination of yet another thread to track with the disappointment of having this experience not match with the expectations Apple have set with past issues.

If only this was my work phone I could have handed this task to someone else 😆

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