I have booked flights to visit Auckland at the start of April.

Now to figure out getting tested (mostly figuring out the return end), getting my vaccines recorded so I can get a my vaccine pass, and of course figuring out if I can catch up with anyone while there.

@patrick submitting overseas vaccinations for NZ records (I had to find it a couple of months ago for another friend). From memory once vaccines are recording in NZ database you should be able to use Australian Passport to get NZ Vaccine Pass online. (Currently Vaccine Pass doesn’t require booster, but they’ve hinted it might change mid year.)

@ewenmcneill I filled in the form and uploaded my international vaccine cert (which shows my 3 doses of Pfizer), and my vaccine pass arrived in my inbox quite quickly.

I was also able to register for my health account & my covid record (no idea if I got a new NHI or the one from ~16 years ago… or even if they existed back then) but I didn’t click the right button so my vaccines don’t show up there. Oh well.

@patrick there’s a step (the one with NZ/AU passport, NZ drivers license and 1-2 other IDs as options) to link your My Covid Record account to your health record of vaccinations.

Providing your name/DOB on ID is the same as the name/DOB it can probably figure it out automatically.

(Vaccine Pass is only ever an email to get the QR code, even when vaccines linked to My Covid Record.)

If you did that and it still didn’t work ask NZ Min Health to link accounts for you.

@ewenmcneill I logged in to my covid record with realme (which is linked to my NZ passport I believe), I’ll have a look to see how to contact ministry of health (maybe easier to do in NZ)

@patrick FWIW I was thinking just reply to the same place that added the records of your vaccinations. From memory that’s some bit of Ministry of Health.

IIRC Verified Real Me (ie showed ID in person) is supposed to auto link to health record. But just plain Real Me login (not verified) won’t. I created a new login and verified with NZ Driver’s license so not entirely sure how the RealMe flow is supposed to work.

@ewenmcneill my realme is verified (passport + thing sent by mail)

I’ll give that a try - thanks for the pointer!

@ewenmcneill got a response within a couple of hours saying fill in overseas-vaccination.covid19.h again but choose “yes” to “Will you require an additional COVID-19 vaccination while you're in New Zealand?” (Which has “If you answer ‘yes,’ details of your overseas vaccinations will be added to the New Zealand COVID Immunisation Register.” below it)

@patrick ah. Odd they don’t just automatically add it to the records of anyone who is a NZ Citizen / Permanent Resident. (Seems inefficient to just issue short term Vaccine Pass in submitted information, and require the whole process again when that expires, for NZers/frequent visitors.)

Thanks for letting me know the answer 👍

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