Hello from a disgruntled person who didn’t get a new phone because of server errors but who did get snacks and an iPad mini so actually today was pretty good anyway.

@patrick iPad Mini 6? I’d be curious what you think of it if so. I’ve got both a 4 and 5 (both still in use, the 4 most as an video Airplay source). The 5 was a huge upgrade and I did it almost immediately and haven’t regretted it; unsure about the 6.

Sorry to hear you didn’t get the phone you were actually trying to buy 😢

@ewenmcneill yep, iPad mini 6.

Context: it’s replacing an iPad 7th gen (the A10 model), primarily as a control surface.

Having said that I’ve played with a little: the speakers are quite enjoyable (I’d say close to the iPad Pro, but I haven’t listened to music on it really), apps (like mixing station) are slightly letter/pillar boxed right now, usb-c is nice to have (the cable shown goes to the a Ethernet + USB-C PD adapter)

Phone: it’ll come eventually, something something being patient 😂

@patrick thanks for the impressions!

Interesting about the letterboxing / pillar boxing. I wonder if/why they changed the aspect ratio?

USB-C to me is still in the “if you’re going to change that’s the obvious choice” category; I’ve still got a lot of lightning connected devices so lots of cables/chargers around (more than USB-C actually). But I guess eventually it’ll tip over to more common even here :-)

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