I was going to be flying to Auckland tomorrow for the weekend to see family.

Found out an hour or so ago that nope.

To say I’m not particularly able to cope with this is… an understatement.

Swear words.

I get it. It’s probably the right call by the NZ government.


@patrick sorry about the timing 😢

Checking now I’m intrigued to see it’s just one state listed as “paused”. But I’ve not heard other AU states also closing their borders to said state, so it seems a ... surprisingly focused block (at least with an infosec hat on).

I hope that means you get to reschedule your flights. And hopefully soon.

@ewenmcneill text message from air nz says:

We strongly advise that you do not attempt to travel via another state as you may be denied travel or be asked to quarantine upon your arrival in New Zealand.

Damn them! 😀

@patrick “we thought of that and are going to hope very hard it doesn’t happen / we detect it when it happens” :-)

Presumably if the Sydney case turns out to be anything bigger they’ll create more sensible rules... 🤔

@patrick and FTR by “reschedule your flights” I was thinking “another date soon when the perceived risk is over” rather than “route around the damage now” :-)

(I think the focused pause and otherwise open bubble indicates “hope to resume for everyone soon”.)

@ewenmcneill that’s how I read it 😀

Frustratingly I have no idea how I’m going to fit in a trip between now and July now (between family commitments here, work commitments around other weekends) so it really couldn’t have come at a worse time for me.

@patrick that’s really inconvenient :-(

One of the bigger annoyances of the pandemic in this part of the world is the inability to plan ahead... because everything might change again, just like has affected you. I hope you get some more certainty soon!

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