After I once again feel weird and miss the helping with bump out and “travelling home” closure.

Much like before it, it’s been a part of my life for the last few months (and I’m just an AV type, I can’t imagine how much more this would hit the amazing organisers) and it feels weird that it’s just “unplug the extra computers on my desk and ... watch tv I guess?”

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@patrick yes, I too miss the “post conference” closure (especially because historically I’ve stayed I the conference city or nearby for a few days afterwards).

This LCA I was not only packed up (camera, microphone, lights, etc) before the conference finished, I’d also done all the “arrive home” chores (washing, etc). And the very next day (yesterday) was my first full work day of the year. So not much post conference transition there :-)

Maybe we need to invent new rituals? 🤔

@ewenmcneill I think so.

I know a few people in Sydney decided to get together at a pub afterwards... Unfortunately my brain was “You didn’t warn me about this. Too hard. Traffic. Too many people.” so I didn’t go along.

@patrick yeah, I’m not convinced that “meet up in person” is the ideal “post online conference” ritual at the present time 😃 (There was apparently a lunch today on my city which I didn’t go to for similar reasons, plus avoiding public venues.)

But definitely *some* transition ritual would help. Even if it’s just at home.

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