I’ve been using the same wifi network name for 16 years… I wonder if i should change it at some point.

@aurynn grumbles at devices that require full resets to change the wifi network they connect to :/

@patrick that is exceptionally painful. 😞 Maybe have two APs for a while while you slowly move everything over?

@aurynn @patrick This is why I've had two APs for the last 5 years...

@aurynn @sitharus @patrick my parents also have had two aps to their network for a while, but this is mostly because of a jury rigged range extension i set up once but can't really remember how

@PetraOleum @aurynn @sitharus i already broadcast two SSIDs (the 2.4GHz network offers a variation of my SSID I used when I had hardware that wouldn’t allow spaces)...

I keep being tempted to just go buy a google nest wifi type thingo and not have an overly complicated network, but then I went and setup a k8s cluster at home and OH NO I AM THE PROBLEM.

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