Testing Starlink (future use will be events and things that I go to)

Usually it is DNS.

Sometimes it is your NAT instances not having sufficient bandwidth.

Today it is that one. (This is the point I try not to think about how much all this data costs)

Surprise trip to re:Invent in November. First time heading to the US since 2019.

Seems is done, and turns out the post in person conference low is just as bad as the post virtual conference low.

Unrelated, this image.

Time to fly again! (This time to Christchurch for Kiwi PyCon)

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Questions for scholars who study hate speech or hate communities:

How do you interact with and sample/archive this material safely from a tech perspective?

Also, how do you deal with the emotional distress from lurking these communities, reading their speech, interacting with them, &c?

Boosts appreciated.

Medical tests, fasting 

Doing an ultrasound (fasting incl no water for 6 hours) and blood test that require fasting (overnight) so I only have to fast once sounded like a good idea yesterday.

Now as I wait for the blood test thirsty and hungry I feel differently 😂


Not a bad effort for the last few days.

Oh look it is time to answer another customer’s Vendor Questionnaire.

To be fair these don’t scare me as much now I know how few questions are actually fails (and not “oh, ok, I guess that’s not really a deal breaker after all”)

If you wanted a DevOps role to be found by people in NZ where would you post it? (Asking for a friend who is in fact me)

I'm reading Amazon’s SOC 2 report and reviewing/signing off on our complementary user-entity controls and … I definitely deserve a lot of chocolate.

Tomorrow has two interviews - one where I interview a candidate, one where I’m being interviewed (internal position, doubt I’ll get it, not sure what I’ll do if I don’t, I think it might be time to talk to some people internally about some other options)

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