If you wanted a DevOps role to be found by people in NZ where would you post it? (Asking for a friend who is in fact me)

I'm reading Amazon’s SOC 2 report and reviewing/signing off on our complementary user-entity controls and … I definitely deserve a lot of chocolate.

Tomorrow has two interviews - one where I interview a candidate, one where I’m being interviewed (internal position, doubt I’ll get it, not sure what I’ll do if I don’t, I think it might be time to talk to some people internally about some other options)

AusPost won’t investigate this until June 3rd, which means Apple won’t either, despite saying “2-4 business days” (which was 2 weeks ago already)

I guess don’t bother with AppleCare, utterly useless. Will do absolutely nothing to help even though they are the ones who sent the replacement using AusPost not me. What am I even paying for?

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me: I would like to finish some tasks on my TODO list

my ADHD: Absolutely not

I’m so glad to be here. If there’s anything I can do to either help it grow or help keep it sustainable, please shout out (other than upgrading to a higher tier, which I figure I can do easily enough so just did 😂)

COVID, Test result 

Next week I had:

* record a webinar with AWS
* my birthday
* office party for work’s “birthday”

Which turns out was too tempting for the universe.

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Today is IDAHOBIT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexphobia and Transphobia). A reminder that the LGBTQIA+ community still faces discrimination to varying degrees all over the world. Unfortunately the Australian IDAHOBIT website is down currently, but is still accessible via the Internet Archive: web.archive.org/web/2022041904. Check it out for more information. #idahobit #lgbtqia

Insert a long rambling rant about Apple choosing Parcel Post (not Express) to ship an Express Replacement device, auspost not scanning it for a week and refusing to do anything until June 6th.

I… don’t like the lack of control I have in this situation and that I can’t even throw money at it to resolve (because I can’t mentally close this until the device either shows up or apple consider it lost)

I’m liking this laptop stand, but now my stickers are upside down :(

today I created a GitHub service user to procrastinate doing 6 month reviews (that aren’t due until the end of the month but also I should do that now)

So the trick to do anything is finding something I want to do less and trying to do that.

Not sure how to work this to my advantage to be honest.

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Me: this is more of a cat than a question
Lecturer: ??
Me: *gently lobs a cat onto the stage*

A coworker made reference to dropping the ball on some tasks and I wanted to say I just don’t even bother picking up most of mine and somehow I kick enough of them into some kind of pile that others pick up the important ones while I hold on to one of them and smile and nod and I’m now realising that my stress levels are perhaps not quite as under control as I thought.

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Occasionally, you'll see someone argue that a topic is too important to "censor" behind a content warning.

The purpose of CWs is not to prevent people from seeing the warned-about content, but rather to prepare them to see it. That's especially necessary in a forum where posts come through in a steady stream, with barely any transition from one thought to the next. It helps people fight numbness, keep from feeling overwhelmed, and ultimately maintain their engagement with important issues.

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Today is a 3 video conferencing system day (zoom, meet and chime). I… have clearly made mistakes in my life to now spend enough time in meetings that this is how I measure my day😆

The thing I hate about being a hiring manager is having to make a snap decision on people.

Every person I interview to deserves a job, some just don’t have the right skills yet and it sucks when the reason I think they won’t work out is because I can’t provide them the environment for them to be successful in.

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Know someone who'd like to use Mastodon? And would like a nice account on our nice little slice of the web?

Our very own @jbowtie has generously sponsored 4 invites!

Sing out if you know someone who could use one of these! 😄

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