I’ve been awake since 3:45am (hooray production incident), this does not make dealing with a frustrating and disappointing iPhone ordering process easy to deal with. Thanks brain.

Wrapped up the last of my AV things for PyCon AU 2021, time to put this stuff back into work mode for tomorrow.

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Hi Peeps! the number of submissions for for the #GLAM miniconf is looking a little sad πŸ˜₯ If you are doing anything awesome in the Tech/GLAM space you should totally submit something. We want to hear from you! #FOSS #GLAM

Submit here! linux.conf.au/programme/minico

Grief, Parents 

Nearly 12 years later and seeing someone grieve for a parent having died recently of cancer just takes me right back. Emotionally just … bam.

Gosh I feel awful for anyone who has to experience this during these times of restricted travel.

People camping in bad weather is a category of video I enjoy watching on YouTube. (With appropriate gear etc)

Chancing on one from New Zealand just makes me happy in a way I find hard to explain. (I miss NZ, and I miss the people there)

Little thing to make my day brighter: add window-swap.com/Window to the digital signage rotation on the Zoom Rooms machine on my desk.

COVID, Stress 

Screams into void while trying to work without yelling at anyone or crying.

Knowing I’m feeling the impacts of lockdown isn’t at all helping deal with those feelings.

I have shiny* new dbx 286s that I’d really love to set up and put inline with my mic, but my 6.35mm TRS to XLR adapter (so I can actually hook it up) hasn’t been scanned since it was dropped off at a post office on Monday.

Of course I have many XLR cables but somehow nothing with 6.35mm (well, other than a 2xRCA to 6.5mm, but that’s not super helpful here)

Start of day Yesterday me: I’m going to work on this compliance thing of evaluating network vulnerability scanners.

Start of today me: I guess I’m just going to tackle these 6 post it notes of writing a post incident review, creating jira tickets, interview notes, and … I guess that thing was going to do yesterday isn’t going to happen today either. Oh well.

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Impostor Syndrome 

The Oatmeal just gets me

Just finished The Good Place, and oh my the feels.

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Live-stream Q&A about the Australian Census (privacy, gender questions, etc.) Friday August 6, 14:30 AEST. Should be a great conversation; I recommend everyone check it out if available!
RT @bendechrai
I'm really excited to have a great lineup of guests to talk about #census #Census2021 #Census2021au tomorrow πŸ’ͺ

Join @attacus_au, @sauramaia, @samfloreani and me, for discussions on paper versus online, differences in questions, #…

Life of a team lead as described by GitHub activity visualisation.

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Asking LGBTQ+ people only:

What's your view of the word "queer" in the context of describing LGBTQ+ people?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Pretty happy with my β€œoffice” corner of the living room.

Just don’t look under the desk.

Got this after I signed up for a vision mixing app-as-a-service to see whether it’s worth suggesting for the events I help out with.

Holy cow is it creepy that this person went looking enough to think I’m a professional developer (I’m a infra team lead, but ok).

Also no way I’d ever trust a service that suspends first for any event I’m involved in.

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