Asked DALL-e mini for Zavala in love. Got this. Pretty happy with it.

I have rediscovered, and am rewatching Rumpole of the Bailey.

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Ageing, feelings about ageing 

So I’m turning 29 in two days and ~I know~ that’s not old, but ~society and everything~ sometimes makes us feel feelings about getting older.**

But then I watch sci-fi and all I can see are 50, 60, and even 70 year old women kicking butt and taking names, and it makes me feel awesome. It makes me feel like 30 is just getting started.

Why isn’t all media more like this?

**I am hesitant to say “especially for women” but kinda especially for women, when others more often equate our worth with our attractiveness.

Weird looking' birds. 

📸 and here's some Frogmouth birds at the Raptor Refuge in Tasmania

📸 a photo of kunanyi/Mt Wellington (Hobart, Tasmania) I took recently

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Ending of Killing Eve TV show. No spoilers, just frustration. 

Still mad about the ending of Killing Eve.

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SPOILERS: #StarTrek #StrangeNewWorlds

Woke up to find Paramount has released the opening sequence (sans credits) for SNW, and it's ~stunning~.

I've been so excited for an old-school TOS-style monster-of-the-week Trek. And it comes out the night before my birthday down here in Aus, so it feels like they've made this show just for me. 🖖

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This place has changed wildly for me in the last 72 hours as so many new voices have arrived it become visible to me. It has switched from feeling like a club to feeling like a community.

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The fediverse today trying to explain to newcomers where they are.

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